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Daily Archives: October 8, 2015

A lone tree in a field with low fog

Bristol’s £37k Silent Tree

As part of our glorious reign as European Green Capital 2015 (a marvellous award invented by politicians to pat each other on the back), Bristol City Council has sweetly paid £37,000 of Bristolians’ money to record a tree dropping its nuts for an art installation.

A green bike by a grey wall

Environmental Summit

George Ferguson is already getting geared up for the ‘Environmental Summit’ in Paris later this year with ‘Healthy City Week’, which will include ‘kitchen on prescription’ and a series of lectures, sure to involve a dismal amount of people sitting down.

Dismaland's Ferris Wheel seen from across the pool.

Review: Dismaland

Banksy’s latest exhibition was an unapologetically cynical portrait of Britain in 2015, and it didn’t disappoint.

Watercolour of a Duk-Duk dance by Joachim Graf Pfeil, published 1899.

Terrorist Attack Kills Seven Billion

A recent giraffe has escaped from a recent zoo. Twelve suspects are subjected to being known by the world. ‘There is no god and man is his prophet,’ said the lead investigator, a Mister A. Karamazov.