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Could anyone be worse than Corbyn?

Some say that nobody could be worse than the lot we’ve had since…well since when? When did Britain have a PM that did us proud? Let’s have a quick chronological review…

Clem Attlee 1945-51

Responsible for the National Health Service and Welfare State, Attlee’s government was amongst the most radical and busy in any democratic country, ever, but he was about as charismatic as a traffic warden.

Churchill (1951-55)

Churchill was burnt out and exhausted by the start and certainly by the end of this government. It might have been the effects of the war, or it might have been the champagne.

Anthony Eden (1955-57)

The humiliation of Suez scars British history. Eden’s resignation interviews show a man so damaged and defeated that he is unable to defend himself. He looks like the school cad, caught in some unspeakable abomination and forced by the Headmaster to apologise in front of the whole school. Which is pretty much what happened.

Harold MacMillan (1957-63)

MacMillan was a shrewd and ruthless political operator and specialised in stabbing colleagues in the back. Think Sopranos with a posh English voice.

Alec Douglas-Home (1963-4)

Nothing is remarkable about this very short term of office other than the fact that he was the last member of the House of Lords to become Prime Minister and the last leader of the Conservatives to “emerge” without a democratic vote just because he had a double barrelled name.

Harold Wilson (1964-70 and 74-76)

Wilson promised a great modernisation which never quite materialised. His two achievements were the Mini Skirt and keeping Britain out of the Vietnam War. (He may have achieved one or two other things, Ed.)

Jim Callaghan (1976-79)

Gentleman Jim was one of our few PM’s not to have been Oxbridge educated and there were times when gaps showed. His own epitaph was that he would be remembered as Britain’s worst Prime Minister since Walpole. But is he remembered at all?

Margaret Thatcher (1979-1990)

Thatcher changed Britain more dramatically than any leader ever. During her time in office we ceased to be a country led by partrition gentleman, closed on Sundays, queuing patiently, uncomfortable displaying wealth, reserved and understated, to something more American. She was the Prime Minister for Essex Man and for greed. Over 50 industries were privatised and social class was turned on its head. Did Britain become a better place? It’s an irrelevant question – the Britain of before 1979 disappeared.

John Major (1990- 1997)

It is astonishing thing that such an ineffectual and pompous individual ever rose to high office let alone became PM. One Cabinet colleague generously suggested that that he reached the limits of his abilities on the Housing Committee at Lambeth Council.

Tony Blair (1997- 2007)

Forever tainted by the Iraq war and his failure to hand over power and secure a centrist legacy. And by the fact that he amassed a £6o million personal fortune.

Gordon Brown (2007-2010)

The abject failure of his premiership was a slow motion disaster he was powerless to prevent. He goes down in history as a footnote of little significance and a reminder to everyone that if you want to succeed you have to be nice.

David Cameron (2010- present)

His annihilation of the LibDems in 2015 was one of the greatest political master stokes of all time. But is he an apologist for a system based on privilege and growing inequality?