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Green City Hypocrisy?

For the past 10 months Bristol has been the ‘Green Capital of Europe,’ but what does this really mean? This city is one of the UK’s most congested with intolerable pollution, causing about 200 deaths last year alone. With the Government now pushing ahead with Hinckley C what hope is there for Bristol?

George Ferguson, in an exclusive comment for Berkeley Squares said “Hinckley C is a huge mistake that we’ll be paying for for generations.” But how has our ‘Green Mayor’ responded? Many believe that his 20mph zones and widespread RPZ only exacerbate the problem. Along with ostentatious green lighting on the Suspension Bridge and the airport ‘poo bus’ nothing if anything is really being done to tackle the core issues. In future issues Berkeley Squares will tackle the major issues head on and call him to account – provided that we can talk over the coughing.