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Racist Attacks Hospitalise 8 Welshmen

In a series of vicious and brutal attacks, believed to have been racially motivated, during the last few weeks eight Welshmen have been treated in hospital for potentially life changing injuries.

In one incident in the normally genteel London suburb of Twickenham, 15 men, all wearing the emblem of a red rose – a reference to a criminal faction known as “The Tudor Dynasty” -set about a shocking attack on a Welsh choir from the Valleys.

A member of the public, a Mr. Tom Jones, observed the attack from close by “I had been quietly singling Delilah and then the English boys just laid in. Mind you they regretted in the end, we were ready for them and made them look very foolish.

The  offenders were later rounded up and deported to Australia where they received a punishment of further humiliation.