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The Good, the Bag and the Ugly

On Monday 5th October, the world of the English shopper was turned upside down. Faced with a new five-pence charge on plastic bags, consumers were forced to stumble through the streets of Britain, clutching as much as they could in their hands, leaving a sad trail of bread and milk on the floor behind them as a ‘fall behind, stay behind’ attitude prevailed. Smug environmentalists found themselves in violent standoffs with regular buyers as they flounced their ‘bags for life’, which they had kept unused in their car boots since the Miners’ Strikes in the 1970s.

The Westminster rhetoric did not suffice though MPs attempted to defend this blatant infringement of shoppers’ rights with rhetoric about our ‘7.64 billion plastic bag consumption’ this year. ‘Such onerous taxation has been in place in Wales since 2011, and it’s worked!’ they claim, and yet the British people’s opinion remains unchanged: Bring Back Our Bags.