Corbyn takes on ISIS

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As you are no doubt aware Jeremy Corbyn has made recent comments relating to the fight against ISIS which have gained much media attention. Many have praised Corbyn, saying that they believe him to be a truly great humanitarian and that he genuinely cares for the future of the world.

While his criticism of Cameron’s “shoot to kill” policy concerning terrorists may seem ridiculous to some, there is much benefit in his making of such comments. Both sides of the political spectrum have previously had very similar views on military policy in the UK and there has been a tendency to head blindly into conflict and a desire to copy the foreign policy of the USA. Whatever your opinions, it is refreshing to have someone in politics who is offering a different view.

While many will not agree with the points Corbyn is making it is still important to have a political leader sparking debate on what is a very important issue – especially with the problems the world is currently facing. For one thing it means that the Government will have to behave reasonably and to justify their actions. Even if this criticism by the Labour leader does not change any specific policy it will make the Government’s foreign policy much more transparent.