James Wearmouth’s Things I Just Don’t Understand: 2 – The Big Top 40 Chart Show

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The UK Top 40 is anticipated by many music artists and lovers every week – why? It’s a platform for us all to find out who everybody is listening to.

Why would it matter that Auntie Sue is listening to “How Deep is your Love” and Greg down the road is listening to “Hotline Bling”? Is the Top 40 not just encouraging everybody to listen to the same thing? Isn’t music is supposed to be chosen on the grounds of personal preference?

Why is everybody so obsessed with what everybody else is listening to? Is it just following the crowd? If it’s about people finding new artists why are so very similar? If Jazz music was given the same coverage as “popular” and “dance” genres it would surely be more popular.

How have we got to a world where “Peanut Butter Jelly” by Galantis is one of the most downloaded songs in the country?? – It’s insanity!

I spent 2 hours of my Sunday listening to the tedious voice of Marvin Humes on Heart presenting the “Freshest Top 40”. Are other charts “unfresh”? It would appear so! The BBC still have “Writings on the Wall” by Sam Smith at Number 3 – is this ever updated? Or are the BBC using different data? It’s very confusing! If they’re using different data then surely there isn’t a consensus on the top 40?

I just don’t understand the point of the top 40 – I’d love to hear others’ opinions on it!

My ethos is listen to music that I enjoy! I just don’t understand the point in the top 40!