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Review: Pour un art révolutionnaire indépendant

Where’s Calliope? I told her to meet me in Minsk some years ago. I hope she hasn’t forgotten.

As Stalin says in Das Kapital, ‘Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find’. Actually, that’s from the Bible. I said it was from Das Kapital, because Das Kapital is my Bible. And it might even be in there somewhere, I haven’t read it all through. So what have we, having sought, found this week in the newspapers? What have, having asked, we been given?

The news of a woman in a house fire metamorphosing into a sheep should come as no surprise to many, because it happened nearly four years ago. Doctors, and other medical people, have been aware of the presence of agnesium, the ingredient that can bring about such sheepshifting, if you’ll pardon the pun, in the bloodstream for literally years. The wool of sheep has been proven to be utterly flame-retardant, which is why the body utilizerates this nifty chemical, and why houses made of wool never catch fire. But what would you do, forced to spend the rest of your days as a sheep, a real wolf in sheep’s clothing?1 I’d probably go into chiropractic, since that’s something I’ve always wanted to try, but which my freakishly sharp hands have always kept me from.

Meanwhile, the news of a terrorist attack killing seven billion people really made me think: what are we doing about terrorists? The answer, and I’ve checked my working, is not enough. In my work as a police officer, I often feel we are letting too many terrorists get away scot-free. It’s always the terrorists who aren’t locked up who perpetrize the worst attacks. Something to penser sur.

On the darker side of the news, a Newspaper has been released and is already changing the world of fashion forever. Berkeley Squares was published last week to almost no reviews, but has been taking the world of humans by storm; astonishing naysayers, who had previously said, ‘Nay’. Truly, have we not passed into a new age, the age of Berkeley Squares – but is it letting the real victims escape? Find out next time, on Prime Minister’s Questions.

  1.  That’s also from Das Kapital