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The Wrong Trousers

'A picture of trousers'

‘A picture of trousers’

There seems to be a craze sweeping through the streets nowadays of trousers with rips around their knees. The youths think it’s hip, sexy even. It’s not. What has ever been sexy about knees? No one has ever written in a Mills & Boon novel about a person’s ‘Voluptuous Knees’, because they are frankly grotesque. All wrinkly and nobbled; Eugh! No, far better to have trousers which do their job, namely to cover ones legs. Now legs, on the other hand, are different… But enough about body parts, let’s talk about trousers.

'Voluptuous knees'

‘Voluptuous knees’

My favourite type of pantaloon is corduroy, they are most certainly In.

Jeans are an accepted and widely worn type of trouser, but a tad banal.  Perhaps its time to jazz it up a bit. So please, dear reader, embrace all types of trouser, baggy or tight, dark or light, but leave out the rips.