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Ferguson Speaks

George Ferguson made his 3rd State of Bristol address last week. Berkeley Squares brings you the highlights of his speech.

  1. Bristol is now introducing the world’s first software controlled, city-scale, wireless and mesh network.
    Data from the network will enable digital experimentation for tomorrow’s technologies and 3D visualisation of the city, recording information such as energy consumption, traffic flows and weather data through the Bristol Data Dome in At-Bristol’s new 3D Planetarium, connected to Bristol University’s super computer, with the highest definition projection in the UK.
  2. The £200 million MetroBus will compliment measures such as resident parking and 20mph, which has resulted in a 25% increase in bus use in the last 18 months, and an even greater increase in cycling.
  3. Bristol is to build low cost ‘interim’ housing that gives people a home by releasing more Council land for housing. Bristol has invested nearly £140 million in improving the energy efficiency of public buildings as well as making a major investment in wind and solar power in the lead up to launching Bristol Energy, one of the first companies of its kind in the UK, focussing on energy poverty, energy efficiency and income to the city.
  4. As the UK’s first European Green Capital, Bristol leads the way in tackling a growing environmental crisis. The Council are setting the example, having reached the 2020 target of a 40% reduction in CO2 emissions 5 years early. In the past year 1,200 solar panels have been installed on Council owned buildings, saving 130 tonnes of C02. Plans for two solar parks with over 10 MW capacities are at an advanced stage.
  5. Bristol will cut future CO2 reductions by 40% by 2020, and 80% by 2050.
  6. The Bristol Sports Partnership have submitted an impressive bid to become city of Sport 2017.
  7. The City hopes to bid to be European Capital of Culture 2023.
  8. The Health and Wellbeing Board will bring together those involved with public health and primary care, aiming to create a healthy city for all.
  9. Bristol is the first Learning City in England and benefits from being part of the global network of Learning Cities.
  10. Bristol, alongside the business community, is planning a virtual Engagement Hub with a physical presence in the Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone, to connect business with educators and young people – a single site to develop employability and enterprise skills.
  11. Bristol is now enjoying world-beating success in micro-electronics and clean technology, as well as in creative industries and professional services.
  12. In the last couple of years Bristol has seen a boom in successful business start-ups, in part to do with Engine Shed, one of Ferguson’s first key decisions and already one of the world’s leading business incubators. It marks the beginning of what will be a transformation in and around Temple Meads.
  13. The Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone includes delivery of the Bristol Arena. This 30 year long conversation has become a reality in just 3 years. In a few months it will move into the construction stage, bringing thousands of jobs to the area.
  14. Over 300 companies are already in the Enterprise Zone and others are queuing up to come.
  15. Bristol’s employment rates are continuing to rise. The city is now working closely with Cardiff and Newport, with whom we are progressing the Great Western Cities Powerhouse.