Free Solar Roof Panels

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Berkeley Squares has been advised that 20 homes in Easton and Bedminster will be given free solar roof panels in an experiment to reduce energy.

The cost of this project is expected to be in the region of £20,000, paid for by the Department of Energy and Climate Change – the same department recently chaired by the “utterly implausible” Tim Yoe MP, recently caught offering his dubious services to businesses for £7,000 a day.  Like Most people Berkeley Squares had been wondering what his department actually did (legally), but are delighted and somewhat surprised to hear that they have actually heard of Sola Energy. For Tim Yeo £20,000 only represents 3 days’ work, but nonetheless we are sure that the people of Easton and Bedminster will appreciate his generosity.

We suggest that other government departments, such as the Department of Education, The Department of Transport and the Department that pays all those MPs’ expenses, follows their lead, stops doing what they have been doing and goes off to order some solar panels too.