Lots More Poo For Bus Number Two

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It’s a stinker of a story – don’t miss it!

Bids have been submitted by both First and Wessex for new bio-buses to be used in services around Bristol. These buses are known as ‘poo buses’ because they are powered by biomethane produced from sewage sludge and food waste. They are also meant to be much cleaner than the regular diesel buses used around the city, producing 30% less CO2. According to the BBC, a single passenger’s annual food and sewage waste would fuel the Bio-Bus for 60 kilometres.

Wessex has ordered 20, whereas First has ordered 110 double-decker models. First has already been trialing a single deck bio-bus on the ‘number two’ route since Spring 2015. The Guardian reports that ‘it doesn’t even smell!’

These bids come as Bristol nears the end of its tenure as European Green Capital. If successful, Jenny MacLeod, General Manager of First Bristol, hopes that these new bio-buses “will revolutionise the entire public transport network in Bristol.”

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