Some Views of Mine and Why You Should Blindly Accept Them

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Here are some words which I have put next to each other.

And at Last Ends the Age of Kant

All human development has been leading up to the development of analytic reasoning; this was the lie of the Enlightenment in Germany.

Yet consider: is not the search for truth by means of analytic reasoning merely a man throwing his shoe into thick grass and subsequently retrieving it? Was not the development of analytic logic actually a new maximum depth marked on the endless descent of mankind from innocent simians?

Why, resting our heads – the homefields of hair-parting for Viking poets – on synthetic a priori revelations is as good as gouging out our eyes. The assumption of cause-and-effect, a classic synthetic a priori truth – let even this be questioned. Let the whole science of arithmetic be questioned – by someone else!

Barricade in the rue Soufflot

In the Abyss of Ideas

What, for goodness’ sake, does Berkeley square? Berkeley multiplied the idea of existence by a notional x, crying ‘Let there be solipsism!’, and so eradicated all material reality in one fell swoop; this is the idealist cosmogony. And what life shall we suffer in this Sophie’s World of Berkeley’s imagination? The universe hurrahed and howled in delight when Kant stabbed at immaterialism’s ghost and Johnson kicked Sisyphus’ boulder down to plug the gap of ideas. ‘I square Berkeley thus.’

Meanwhile, we thank Mr Hegel kindly for his dialectics, but may Heraclitus sue him for his libellous misquotation, when Heraclitus’s ‘Being is not more than non-Being’ becomes Hegel’s ‘Being = non-Being’. Certainly, Being is no more than the mask of Becoming, but Being is at least an intentional deceit; there is nothing intentional about non-Being. Why, imagine the criticism I’d receive for taking a well-known fragment from an unidentified Roman philosopher:

Pedicabo ego vos et irrumabo.

and suggesting a false meaning to it, a sadist anxious to misinform the few who speak no Latin?

‘Dinamica del potere’: William Girometti, 1975.

Music and the Sun

And she beats the tambourine with a finger’s touch and announces every conceivable sound; the new harmony begins!

At last the acid model of another stone-slinging pilot flies down the street with a barrel of wine between his teeth and a stick of gum between the eyes; look! he flies like a jelly bean on G-strings. His mind is one endless torpedo and it shoots all down the road, pointing the way to Bethlehem. Goodness me! this kid must have the wackiest brain machine around – it’s all twisted up and mad like some kind of dancing celebrity ant performing his endless waltz.

Somewhere down this choked-up boulevard the moonlamp has been flickering for a while until now it’s finally pumped up on its own sun-dappled brain and shoots out a funnel of steam heading straight for Uranus. A tremor slings itself across the open sky – heaven’s terrorists suddenly burst out laughing at the nebulous world which holds them. Zarathustra indicates the ways of heaven with a whistle and his head on fire! Isn’t it crazy to see the bloated billionaires surfacing, motionless, from the mire of destruction and the waters of death?


  1. Let no-one curse me for my powers of prescience. One-hundred and twenty-seven have fallen. Not seven billion.
  2. The smell of true laughter truly belongs to the nostrils of a Titan.
  3. Just as he who wishes to know how different people say ‘Thank you’ takes to driving buses, so he takes to geography who wishes to know exactly how tedious this world can get.
  4. Just as the world put an end to the Cold War, global warming took its turn to wield the sceptre – shall we ever find an appropriate temperature?
  5. If you get the chance, never do anything (I include breathing).
  6. The porta caeli, as is now well-known, is nothing but a podex culi.