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WOW Air, an Icelandic low-cost airline, has just announced a new thrice-weekly service to Reykjavík, the Icelandic capital, from Bristol Airport. This will enable one-way flights to North America for as little as £99.

Starting May 13 next year passengers will be able to fly to Washington DC (Baltimore), Boston, Montreal and Toronto with a brief stopover in Iceland. San Francisco and Los Angeles will join the list of destinations not long after. Skúli Mogensen, CEO of WOW Air, is confident that the new service to Bristol will be as successful as current flights to London. Passengers hoping to travel to North America currently have to either fly via Europe or travel to one of London’s airports, and fares are generally far more expensive.

WOW’s business strategy is discussed in a recent article about the airline in The Economist. Like with Wessex’s new ‘the One’ bus service covered in the last edition of Berkeley Squares, I am optimistic that this may drive down prices on all transatlantic flights by giving consumers a greater choice of airline with which to fly.

The social media team at WOW Air seemed excited about the new service, writing on Twitter, ‘‘We’re heading to the city of BRIDGES & BALLOONS! ’’.

That’s us, all right.

You can visit WOW’s website here.