Exclusive: George Ferguson Interview – Mayor Held to Account on REAL Issues

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Eating lemons and changing the world—all part of a day’s work for George Ferguson! In fact, he revealed to us in a confidential interview that he likes to devour lemon flesh, citing this citrus as his very favourite fruit. Better still, he adores drinking their blood—pressé, s’il vous plait!? Avec du honey? Oui!

Another culinary question we posed to the delightful lemon-loving mayor was what his favourite food was. Wasn’t that a good question? If you thought the question was good, just wait for his answer…

MUSHROOMS! But there’s more: as an environmentally-motivated ‘flexitarian’, he plumps for only the choicest cuts of sustainable meat and spurns the rabble to enjoy the sweet satisfaction of a mushroom in the mouth! But the man’s fierce scepticism drives him to reject the magic variety—spooky.

But too much work and too little play is sour and bad for your health—so, questioned on his favourite play, he admitted Tom Stoppard was his guilty pleasure, a frequent visitor to George’s very own Tobacco Factory. His play préféré is the early masterpiece Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, an all-time classic admired by mayors around the world.

Speaking of worldwide mayors, we took up the topic with glee and inquired as to his throw-down favourite mayor of all time. The answer may astonish—the mighty Giorgios Kaminis, Mayor of Athens, and a notoriously easy-going guy.

From Athens to Italy: what a leap! ‘What is your favourite place?’ we asked, and the Mayor hit back with Italia. Three cultures all in one, he said, and a totally crazed population—you can’t argue with that, said he. And we didn’t. We respect authority.

Need a building developed? Don’t worry, George is your man. Having designed the @Bristol complex, architect George knows where it’s @! Indeed, were he not our dear leader, he said he’d never have left the architectural profession.

Perhaps because of all his bonny buildings, George doesn’t intend to leave Bristol any time soon—unless he’s driven out, he quipped. We do hope not! That said, however, he admitted his mayoral lifetime is finite, and after 2020 he’s heading for better things.

Thank you, Mr Ferguson, what a delight to behold you in person at last. May the fates smile on you eternally.

While this article is somewhat ridiculous, we should stress that the silliness is all ours, and that it was a pleasure to talk to the Mayor. He deserves our sincerest thanks for answering our questions in a patient, affable and thoroughly appreciated manner. Photographs of us with the Mayor are courtesy of Camilla Adams. Additional reporting by Kieran Small and Ned.