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Readers, welcome to the Politics Pantry.

I would like to thank Iain Walker for his dedicated and insightful approach to politics over the past year. However, as newly appointed Political Editor, I am raring to fill my new position with a bursting catalogue of popular politics. The upcoming US presidential election looks increasingly interesting with Trump and Clinton vying for the world’s top spot. I am also eagerly anticipating the EU referendum—if the UK does decide to leave, politics will get even more exciting. Will Cameron resign as Prime Minister? Will Corbyn build support? Will Boris Johnson rise to power? All important questions to which answers will gradually unfurl over the next year!

IN? OUT? Shake it all about? Polls for the EU referendum are all over the place with the Remain campaign leading strongly until a week ago when BREXIT levelled the playing field. Now BREXIT have edged ahead! I look forward over the upcoming weeks to digest the political debates which will shortly emerge.

'Don't forget to vote' ballot box on Broad Quay in Bristol

‘Don’t forget to vote’ ballot box on Broad Quay

Furthermore, I am determined to make the ‘Politics Pantry’ relevant to Bristol. With Marvin Rees as our new Bristol Mayor the city is sure to change dramatically. His rainbow cabinet suggests an enthusiasm for consensus across the political spectrum – but will it prove effective? Recently, it has emerged that a further £100 million of spending cuts need to occur over the next four years and the Pantry will keep you updated about how such cuts can be achieved. Rees has plans to give the citizens of Bristol the opportunity to stimulate budget decisions and help ‘balance the books’—could this improve political engagement and increase the turnout of the next mayoral race in 2020?

Meanwhile, nationally the Conservative Party appear to be in disarray with the suspension of ‘Collective Responsibility’ allowing key Ministers to turn their back on the Prime Minister. Is Boris Johnson, currently bookies’ favourite as the next Prime Minister, risking his chances by campaigning so heavily against the government?

All of these developments are waiting to be unravelled: I cannot wait to keep you posted on developments throughout the year!