Hillary Hits Her Mark

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hillary_clinton_carl_hayden_high_school_in_phoenix_arizona-jpegLast night’s eagerly awaited Clinton versus Trump debate fired off to an exciting start, with Hillary looking Presidential and assured whilst Trump spluttered and sniffled, looking tired, outclassed and incoherent.

Challenged over his refusal to publish tax returns (the first candidate not to since Richard Nixon) Trump gave the game away and fell headlong into the Clinton trap: proudly referring to his only ever published tax records (1975-1979) when no federal tax was paid he declared it was because he was “smart”. The idea that Trump is so clever that he can beat the system is one that his camp has always been eager to imply, but by saying it out loud destroyed the supposed reason for not publishing them. If Trump is so proud of his tax avoidance and if he sees it as such an electoral asset then why not publish it? The answer is that if that was the reason, he would – but the real explanation is much less flattering to his image as a swashbuckling go-getting alpha male.

The real reasons are these. Firstly, Trump’s tax returns will show that he is not worth much more than a small fraction of the $10 billion his camp have suggested: his real wealth is about $250 million, not small but in American politics doesn’t suggest anything like the financial acumen that he claims. Secondly (and this is the real killer) much of Trump’s money is invested in foreign projects – the sort of projects that have taken away the American jobs in the poorest parts of the country that he says he is the man to protect.

If this hypocrisy is exposed then his credibility with the white working class red-necks that he depends on will disappear as quickly as a comb-over in the wind.

On the evidence of last night Hillary Clinton is going to win decisively.