Hillary Clinton: A Secret Illness?

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Clinton, Democratic presidential nominee at Hampton, NH.

Hillary Clinton, Democratic presidential nominee at Hampton, NH.

Over the past few months, right-wing websites have been spreading conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton suffering from a dangerous, secret illness; claims which seemed justified after she collapsed when leaving the memorial for 9/11 victims last week.

The Democratic presidential nominee was filmed whilst seeming to faint on the way back to her van. Clinton’s doctor said that it was a result of heat and dehydration, and the former Secretary of State’s campaign concurred.

However, later on the same day it was revealed by Clinton’s doctor that she had received a diagnosis of pneumonia two days prior to the event. She had decided to limit the information to her family members and close advisors on the grounds that the illness was not an important issue for voters and that it would be exploited by her opponents.

Similar to Clinton’s fall, in 1996, Republican presidential nominee Bob Dole slipped and fell off stage during a rally. Aged 73, he was quickly renamed to “Bob Old” and his campaign never recovered. Is it possible that history could repeat itself with Hillary Clinton?

Clinton’s team have insisted that she is now on the mend, been put on antibiotics and advised to rest. On the other hand, many of her opponents have taken this as “proof” that she is unfit to be President and, with less than a fortnight before her first crucial TV debate with Donald Trump, the timing of this illness couldn’t have been much worse.

Whatever the case, Clinton needs to rid her tendency for excessive privacy because, if nothing else, she is drawing attention away from Donald Trump. Trump is 70 years old and thought to be a very overweight 267 pounds, not making him the healthiest individual either.

So, will Clinton learn her lesson? This election could depend on it.