Is Jeremy Corbyn electable?

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As a Labour Party supporter I’ve recently found myself supporting Owen Smith in the Labour Party contest for the new leader, not because I dislike Jeremy Corbyn but because of the stench of failure that he seems to have acquired. Corbyn is widely seen as unelectable and lacking the national support needed for a Labour victory in 2020.

Amongst Labour Party members the result is clear, people like him, but in a General Election he is just too outdated to revive Labour after the inevitable dip following the end of the Blairite era.

Although Corbyn has captivated many people with how unlike other politicians he is, this has been at the expense of mainstream thinking.  A clear example has been his enthusiasm for abolishing Trident – seen by most people as an essential part of British defence, which until global disarming (an increasingly unlikely event) a large majority of voters think should remain at the forefront of the defence budget as a deterrent and as a determined political statement of strength, if nothing else.

Jeremy Corbyn speaking at a stop trident rally in 2016

Jeremy Corbyn speaking at a Stop Trident rally in 2016.

The popular media has delighted in portraying Corbyn as a joke, his mistakes playing into the hands of the Right and his poor handling of the media, as with the absurd “train-gate” earlier this summer – all prove costly in the electoral terms and a man with poor judgement is never seen as suitable to run a Party – even when it is not suffering a time of crisis, as the Labour Party surely is.

Most of all Labour need to be united behind one man. The MPs’ vote of no confidence in Jeremy Corbyn by 172-40 emphasises the fact he simply isn’t up to the job. And his treatment of colleagues, evident in the job scandal with Bristol West MP Thangam Debbonaire, recovering from cancer at the time, shows a mis-judgement that Labour simply cannot afford.

To have any chance of avoiding annihilation in the next General Election the Labour Party must unite behind one man that both the people and MPs can trust, a man who is not Jeremy Corbyn.

Corbyn in the 21st century really is unelectable. Almost anyone else would be preferable.