What Next for UKIP?

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In case you hadn’t noticed, in June the people of Britain voted to leave the EU.

This brought with it many immediate implications, such as the FTSE 100 dropping (only to rise back so that it is now even higher than before ‘brexit’ ).

But what of the political parties? The Conservative leader was forced to stand down and the Party went through one of the swiftest leadership ‘contests’ for a generation – much shorter than the seemingly never-ending leadership dispute within Labour, torn apart – perhaps forever.

Then there’s UKIP, a party with a fair share of “loonies”, “old age colonels” acting like a poor quality ‘Dad’s Army’ rip-off, dominating the news but with only one MP in the House of Commons – hated so much that his own colleague, UKIP’s David Coburn MEP, said that  “hanging’s too good for him”. But what now? What is the point of a ‘UK Independence Party’ when independence has been gained?

With a civil war between Steven Woolfe’s faction, the ‘Carswellians’, the ‘Evans excessives’ and the NEC, one could imagine that UKIP is falling apart, crumbling and heading towards total collapse. One would be 100% correct  – and it is all because of one man: Nigel Farage. Farage’s resignation gave the green light for a full-out civil war that had been brewing for months. And whilst Diane James says she is intent upon reuniting the party – especially in Wales – is that not what Nigel Farage has been aiming at since the 2015 General Election?

Perhaps in a few marginal ‘old labour’ seats up north, UKIP have a chance to win over disillusioned voters. Maybe Simon Danczuk will defect and UKIP will get a second MP, but any electoral success they achieve will be based on luck – and it wouldn’t last. With no headline policies other than demanding a hard ‘brexit,’ UKIP candidates are unlikely to  recapture the country’s imagination anytime soon.

With large numbers of UKIP supporters now defecting to the Conservatives, UKIP’s days are numbered. Whatever her merits their new leader doesn’t have the same gravitas or charisma as her predecessor – and with more people recognising the leader of the Liberal Democrats UKIP must know it’s in free fall!

Still, at least UKIP has a female leader. Not at all bad for a sexist, backward thinking party – I mean Labour has had loads of women leaders, right?

Featured image: Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0.