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James Wearmouth, the Political Editor at Berkeley Squares

A note from James Wearmouth, the Political editor….

I’d like to welcome the new Politics team to Berkeley Sqaures and boy do we have a range of views this year! I write the fortnightly column ‘The Politics Pantry’, an outline of the past two weeks in Politics. This year I’m particularly excited over the triggering of Article 50 and its implications on the UK as well as how the Labour party recover from the almost inevitable election of Jeremy Corbyn. I am also extremely excited to launch the ‘Berkeley Squares Bite’ which will be a video update on the Political matters surrounding Bristol. Upcoming interview bites include the new Bristol Mayor, Marvin Rees and Bristol West Member of Parliament, Thangam Debbonaire. Watch this space! Now I’d like to welcome you to this year’s team…


Edward Piska, Political Correspondent

Edward Piska

Red Ed? Well that certainly isn’t Mr Piska, a strong believer in Liberal Conservatism and traditional values. He remarks “I believe that the state should exist to serve you, not to run your lives.” He recently defected from UKIP to the Conservative party and helped run the ‘Vote Leave’ campaign in his home town alongside prominent politicians. When asked about his flirtation with the UK Independence Party he said “We all make mistakes, don’t we.” Currently he is looking forward to seeing what Theresa May has to offer and would like to remind Labour supporters that whilst Labour give a woman the keys to a pink bus, the Conservatives gave a woman the keys to number 10.


Alex Takemura-James, Political Correspondent

Alex Takemura-James

Alex joins Berkeley Squares as a Political Correspondent. Alex sits to the left of the spectrum with a definite support for Labour. He is a self-proclaimed Brexit denier and Owen Smith supporter. Juggling politics with sciences, an interesting pairing, he has a unique view on the world and our leaders. Alex Takemura-James dislikes Jeremy Corbyn but I think its safe to say he may have to grow to love Mr Corbyn for a little while longer! I look forward to working alongside Alex, in the upcoming year as well as reading his articles – even if our viewpoints are likely to clash!

Frank (US Politics)

Frank Dickens, US Political Correspondent

Frank Dickens

Frank has been a keen contributor to the Berkeley Squares political centre already and with his passion for US Politics will undoubtedly play a vital role in the explaining the events unfolding in America. Frank is a typical Labour supporter and has canvassed for his local MP. Frank’s remarks and judgements leave you in no doubt of his argument and with Trump and Clinton at each others’ throats just over the pond, I am sure he’ll have more than enough to contribute. His straight talking politics, sarcastic remarks and clear left-wing bias leads me to believe that Frank will make a great addition to the team this year, and I look forward to his commentary regarding the presidential elections this November.


As you can see Berkeley Squares aims to cover the whole political spectrum this year.