What impact will Trump have on the Congressional and Senate elections?

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With a vacancy on the Supreme Court, an evolving US foreign policy, and economic policies like the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the U.S senate has never been more vital to control. Alongside the Presidential election the Republicans are defending 24 Senate seats and the balance of power depends on the result.

What impact will Trump’s presidential campaign have on the result?

Trump’s gaining of the Republican nomination has the hurt the party’s image immeasurably and could affect countless Congressional elections. In Virginia’s 10th Congressional District, where the incumbent Republican is facing a particularly fierce political backlash, there is a strong perception that the Trump brand is rapidly becoming the Republican brand.

Whilst Republicans are defending 24 seats Democrats are defending only ten, and their chance of regaining the Senate are strong with Trump having created a split within the party among Tea Party conservatives and the Republican establishment in Congress.

The funding for the races will also be split, with the RNC (Republican National Committee) being forced to spend money on the Presidential race. Even contributions by Republican donors, like the billionaire Koch brothers, may not be enough to overcome the Democrats.

Control of the Senate will be vital in confirming Obama’s Supreme Court Justice nominee Merrick Garland, which would tip the balance in favour of the Democrats 5-4. It will also determine the fate of the controversial TPP (Trans- Pacific Partnership), which is being debated in the Senate as we speak. Perhaps even more importantly it will dictate future foreign policy, and with the recent terror attacks in New York and New Jersey the party which determines that will impact us all.