Why Owen Smith might be Labour’s Saviour

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owen_smith_2013_croppedThere’s not much time left. The ballots for the Labour Leadership will close this Wednesday September 21, at noon.

My worry is that Jeremy Corbyn is unelectable, the likelihood of his uniting the Labour Party is slim and as to achieving a majority at the next General Election – impossible! Owen Smith might well be the Saviour of the Labour Party. His passion, belief and rhetoric clearly show him as an able speaker and Smith is clearly distressed about the break up of the Labour Party if Jeremy Corbyn takes the helm which shows his deep-centred belief in the Party.

Smith appeals to a wide selection and proportion of voters but Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘grandad’ factor is making people lose their way and vote in a move of personality over credibility. Corbyn showed his true colours when claiming he had to stand on a Virgin train as there were no seats. Later CCTV proved seats were available and yet he still denied his actions. Is this an honest man, who voters of the Labour Party can trust?

I strongly believe that Owen Smith can take the Labour Party back on the straight and narrow which will allow for good government to be done. Opposition in the House of Commons to any government is needed in order for the legislation passed to be scrutinised and checked. I believe that with Owen Smith facing Theresa May over the dispatch box Labour will be a stronger party. Primarily this is because the Parliamentary Labour Party are behind Smith which is crucial if the government of the day is to be scrutinised effectively. Corbyn just doesn’t have this support and never will.

So, although you may like Corbyn you must balance the way you vote and answer these questions:

  • Which personality do I prefer?
  • Who does my Constituency MP believe would be the best leader?
  • Who does the Parliamentary Labour Party believe should be the next leader?

It’s all very well voting Mr Corbyn back into power but this will not heal the rift in the Labour Party. Only Owen Smith can, as he has strong support from fellow Members of Parliament and can repair the damage done by Corbyn.

20160721213122jeremy_corbyn_tolpuddle_2016_1_cropIf you are still wavering on who to choose for your ballot slip, I implore you to think on the EU Referendum. Mr Owen Smith has championed for a second referendum and a vote in the House of Commons on the exact terms of ‘Brexit’. Mr Corbyn isn’t offering you that – and why? Because he doesn’t believe in the values of the EU, hence the reason why he campaigned half-heartedly during the referendum. Whether you want to remain or leave the European Union is immaterial. Corbyn has lost his spark and the EU referendum stands as an example of when Leadership of the second-largest party in the UK let down the electorate. Owen Smith has bags of passion and I truly believe he can unite and set Labour to work once again whereas the election of Corbyn will put Labour Party members at stalemate with the PLP.

Ask yourself whether you would like to see the break-up of the Labour on the grounds that Corbyn presents himself as a nice guy? Would you instead like to see Labour prosper once more?

There’s no choice for the future of Labour. Owen Smith is the Saviour of the Labour Party and it would be a shame for he Labour Party to ignore his plight.

If you’re a Labour member and haven’t voted yet. Vote Owen Smith for:

  • A strong leader
  • Party unity
  • A passionate leader
  • Strong and stable opposition
  • An honest leader
  • Effective scrutiny over the UK leaving the EU.