Review: Eat a Pitta

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Eat a Pitta is an independent chain of three restaurants offering homemade falafel, hummus and of course, as the name suggests, pitta! I chose to visit the Broadmead store, which is an outdoor kiosk rather than a full indoor restaurant like the Gloucester Road branch. I was accompanied by Film Correspondent James Palmer and Sports Editor Tom Hague. Sadly a poor first impression caused James to peel off to Subway, but Tom and I ventured on.


The kiosk and seating area

Eat a Pitta offers many different meal combinations at surprisingly reasonable prices. I opted for the Classic Hummus Bowl which contained a selection of the restaurant’s most popular items. The falafel was definitely the best part of the box, with its crusty outside coating perfectly complimenting the soft interior. The meal also contained creamy hummus and a chickpea sauce, both of which were delicious. My main criticism was that the hummus was positioned at the bottom of the box, making it difficult to place on to the pitta bread.

At the front of the kiosk there is a small dining area. Due to the fact it is outside the chairs are made of metal and are therefore not particularly comfortable. However, this did not detract from my experience and I still had a wonderful time admiring the authentic cooking techniques passed down from previous generations.

After the meal I interviewed Tom to gauge his opinion:

“Eat a Pitta provides an authentic taste of the Middle East at a very affordable price. You can see why it’s rated the fifth best of all restaurants in Bristol! I personally believe that it is the foremost place for falafel in the city.”


The Classic Hummus box

He was very positive about the experience and, as a loyal supporter of the chain, has also visited both the St Nicholas Market stall and the Gloucester Road branch, reporting similarly good impressions there.

I was impressed with the value of the restaurant, especially due to its prime location in Broadmead. Eat a Pitta is unique. It offers a stunning range of meals in addition to a great atmosphere. Overall a very positive experience.