Bristol Christmas Market 2016

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A whole host of festivities have arrived in Bristol until Christmas Eve.

Since 2008 Bristol has had its very own Christmas market seeking to rival those in nearby towns and cities such as Bath and Exeter and 2016 is no exception. Does it manage to reach the high standards set over the last eight years?

With the change of the market’s organiser, many predicted 2016 to be a year of transition. Yet the market located in Broadmead is without doubt as good as it was last year, if not better.

Following the traditional “German Market” style that Bristol adopted in 2008, this year it hosts nearly 45 “Christmas Chalets” packed full of gift ideas, great food and drink and those extra special presents not found on the high street just in time for Christmas.

The much-loved German Beer garden located right in the heart of Broadmead has been slightly reduced in size from last year and queues seem to be a regular occurrence. However, the ambience of the event as a whole has not been dampened with thousands of Christmas shoppers walking through and enjoying the market every day. What makes this Christmas market tick, along with hundreds of others around the country, is the atmosphere that it generates. The general buzz around this area never ceases to amaze me year on year and it’s hard not to get into the Christmas spirit after a walk through a fabulously authentic German Christmas market street.

Various “Christmas Chalets” offer delicious treats which can be enjoyed in a friendly and uplifting atmosphere.

Whilst the market doesn’t boast its oversized advent calendar this year, which had doors over a metre wide, the rest of the fun and games from last year have returned. Classic fairground games and roasted chestnut stores litter the mile-long strip of Christmas chaos that runs from Broadmead Shopping Centre to Cabot Circus. Personally, the mix of big brand shopping in Cabot Circus and the stunning independent chalets along Broadmead makes Christmas shopping in Bristol an absolute joy!

The Bristol Christmas market is open from 11 November – 24 December 2016. As the market is open until 19:00, enjoying the atmosphere of the market in the evening is much more enjoyable than a daytime visit. The stunning Christmas lights hung throughout Bristol really are experience in themselves and with the added benefit of an extensive and high quality Christmas market it would be wrong not to visit one of Bristol’s most impressive events of the year.