Review: BC Diner – Burger, Chicken, Fast Food

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HFC was gone!

HFC was gone!

On a freezing, wet Monday afternoon, film correspondent James Palmer, sports editor Tom Hague and I decided to visit the fabled Hotwells Fried Chicken (HFC). As we ventured towards the restaurant, the excitement was tangible and the three of us eagerly discussed the fried chicken that we anticipated soon to be eating. However, as we approached we began to realise that something was wrong. HFC was shuttered up, the striking red sign had been taken down and the entire unit had been painted a dark black. We walked down the street, wondering if it had been moved, but were only greeted with disappointment.

With no fried chicken inside him, James began to get angry and so the unanimous decision was to find a similar restaurant. Off we went to the Clifton Triangle; yet to our amazement both Triangle Grill and Hunger Hatch were closed. We were about to give up when we remembered the legendary row of fast-food outlets at the foot of Park Street.

After finally reaching them, we were faced with the biggest question of the day: should we visit Quigley’s or the concisely named BC Diner – Burger, Chicken, Fast Food. Having thoroughly inspected the prices, we decided on the latter.

My half pounder with cheese.

My half-pounder with cheese

The first thing that struck me about the restaurant was the intense smell, a concerning indication of the quality of its food. As the only customers, we ordered quickly and it took less than five minutes before we were presented with our lunch. I opted for the half-pounder with cheese whereas James went for a chicken burger, wings and chips. With food in our arms, we climbed the stairs to the restaurant’s upper seating area.

The chips were very well cooked and tasted great, with a very authentic flavour. My burger, on the other hand, was below average. In fact, I struggled to eat it and had to throw half away. It seems I chose badly, as James seemed to be slightly more positive about his meal.

The chicken was not southern-fried, except I suppose in the sense that Bristol is in the south of England. The lack of spice made the chicken average at best.

James Palmer

James' meal.

James’ meal

James then revealed to us that his meal had cost nearly £10, a price that was definitely too high. We were all slightly disappointed and left, James still clutching a box of fried chicken.

BC Diner had a poor atmosphere and overpriced food which varied from good to barely consumable. However, we all agreed that eating there was an interesting experience.