Review: Gourmet Burger Kitchen

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The last week of term had arrived and film correspondent James Palmer suggested that we went out for lunch to celebrate. We looked back over my various reviews and realised that I had eaten a burger for nearly every single one of them. This gave us the idea to visit the restaurant that was responsible for (in their own words) “changing the UK burger scene forever”.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK) was founded in 2001 in South London and offers a vast selection of burgers and sides, in addition to milkshakes and desserts. We visited the GBK restaurant on Park Street as it was the nearest to us.

Inside GBK

The attractive interior of GBK

It was a rainy afternoon when James and I ventured out. As the door crashed shut behind us, we were greeted with the delicious smell of burgers being cooked. Before we had time to admire the decorations adorning the walls, we were seated. Being a Monday lunchtime the restaurant was not particularly busy, and this allowed James to enjoy the hip-hop classics that were being played over the radio.

Our burgers

My “Stack” and James’ “Bruce Leek”

With the menu in our hands, James and I deliberated over what to choose. It wasn’t long before my eye had been caught by “The Stack”, a burger containing cheese, chorizo and an onion ring with chilli mayo. This was exactly what I was looking for and I decided to top off the meal with a caramel milkshake. James opted for the “Bruce Leek” containing cheese, bacon, leek and chilli relish. The often comical naming of the burgers at GBK helps give the restaurant character.

Having placed our orders, James led me to a counter of glasses which we filled with peanuts from the adjacent box. Over peanuts we discussed the major events of the past year and sipped our excellent milkshakes.

We were soon joined by our burgers, which were beautifully presented. After a quick photo, for posterity, we began to eat. The burger definitely lived up to my expectations and I had no complaints. The beef was perfectly cooked, and the combination of flavours from the other ingredients was magnificent and in no way overpowering.

James also thoroughly enjoyed his burger, and told me:

It would be unfair to describe myself as anything less than a connoisseur when it comes to burgers. In all my time of eating them GBK has always offered interesting combinations, both intriguing to the senses and succulent to the taste.

My milkshake

My caramel milkshake, served in a metal cup

With the burgers finished and the bill paid, we both agreed that it had been a very successful trip. GBK perfectly does what it says in the name, offering high quality burgers. The menu is diverse, yet focused on providing the best possible experience. The burger, complimented with the free peanuts and a milkshake make a fantastic meal. Although a chain restaurant, GBK has a personal and local feeling to it, which further enhances the overall experience.