Trumpalicious? Trumpmazing? Trumptastic!

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Trumpalicious? Trumpmazing? Trumptastic! Is Donald Trump the best leader America has ever had, or is he so far out of his depth that he has decided to drown?

It is beyond all doubt, in my mind, that Trump will be one of the most memorable and controversial presidents ever. He had only been in office for a matter of days and had already begun destroying Obama’s legacy, signed numerous executive orders and annoyed the Mexicans.

Within hours of becoming president he had signed an executive order with the aim of rolling back Obama’s Affordable Care Act and replacing it with his own alternative. The media are already dubbing it “Trumpcare”; I wonder whether he will keep it? It sounds far too egotistical for “The Donald”! Somewhat more worrying to Trump’s critics is that he has also met with the CIA and received the nuclear codes. In short, hundreds of nuclear weapons have been put at the disposal of a man who even gets all trigger-happy when Meryl Streep criticises his success.

Beyond nuclear weapons and putting “Trumpcare” into action, Trump has only made worse the already shaky relations with Mexico. He had agreed to meet with the Mexican president at the end of January, but this plan was dashed remarkably quickly. The Mexican president refused to meet Trump because he continued to insist that Mexico will pay for the wall between the two countries. And guess what? Mexico ain’t paying for the wall! Shocker there: what a revelation! This has also bolted any renegotiation of NAFTA – the trade agreement between the US, Mexico and Canada – which was set to take place shortly. Trump recently announced, following the Mexican president’s rejection, that he wants to impose a 20% tax on imports from Mexico to pay for the wall, which has had a lukewarm reception at best. This is something that the chair of the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan, had previously adamantly rejected. After all, Congress still have the power of the purse, so Trump may be restricted despite having a clear Republican majority.

Social media also appears to be in a frenzy over the executive order on abortion and mass marches have occurred, most notably in Washington. The key question is whether Trump will carry on in this vein.

For now he is splitting opinion, with some calling him a demi-god and others likening him to the devil incarnate!

My opinion? Well, I think he is a divisive, shrewd and manipulative man, but my judgement as to whether he will be a truly great president, or a car crash in the making, will have to wait a little longer. It is worth mentioning that presidents always want to make their mark in the first hundred days; if you dislike him now he might yet prove you wrong in a year’s time!