Saying hello to an old friend

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Nokia HQ, Finland

Yes, our old friend is back. After hitting the gym for almost 17 years, he’s taken a whole bunch of steroids and now boasts the best games we’ve ever seen. It’s the all new Nokia 3310. A modern classic.

Finally, the internet’s lovable little fella is back. Nokia have released a successor to the 3310 title. For all the retro guys out there, or the grannies that never seem to understand technology, finally something a little more simple and classic is back on the market for you to grapple over.

“For the Nokia 3310 we just couldn’t resist,” said Juho Sarvikas, HMD’s Chief Product Officer. “We wanted to reward loyal Nokia phone fans and make a statement that rich heritage, innovation and modern design can go hand-in-hand.” And they certainly do.

This newer version revives many of the best and well-known traits of the iconic original and has been overwhelmingly welcomed by the internet and techies across the globe.

The original Nokia 3310

News of this absolutely dominated anything that came out of the Mobile Annual World Congress last week and we only have a couple of sleepless months to wait for it.

In fact, the battery could last almost that long. You could leave this new edition on in standby for an entire month and you would still be able to bang out a quick game of snake and take a cheeky photo on its charming 2MP camera. And there’s no need to stick with the old grey and black design. You’ll have four totally different colours to mull over for this one. There’s a glossy red, glossy yellow, matte dark blue and matte grey to choose from.

They have also rid the phone of the 90s-esque black and green display in favour of a much smarter and more colourful display, as seen below.

The new version of the Nokia 3310.

If you’re liking the sound of this, for a mere £41 you can add this to your collection. And you won’t have to worry about this brick weighing you down. For a brick, this newer edition of the 3310 comes in pretty light, weighing just 80g: a little over 50% of the weight of an iPhone 7. At just 15.6 × 51 × 12.8 mm, many may also find its size more manageable.

As well as being light, this fella will also have a headphone jack and SD card slot for holding music and photos as well as an FM radio. So even if you don’t want it for practical use, it comes nice and cheap as a buddy for you when you go on a run, go cycling or are simply on the go. Plus, as we all know Nokia phones are renowned for being virtually indestructible. So, if you find he’s fallen out of your pocket, down the stairs or discover it at the end of a firing range, you won’t have to go through the trauma that you do when the same happens to your iPhone, or spend a single penny on insurance.

On the contrary, if you want to make pennies, try rummaging around your drawers at home. If you happen to stumble across the original version, you may be pleased to note that it is currently selling as a collectible on eBay for £999.

On the whole, as a phone, it seems that this one will be live up to its predecessor as being quite versatile and will undoubtedly be adored by both young children and those who aren’t so lucky with age. Perhaps it will be a more suitable phone for children to have as their first; it certainly fits the bill, and I definitely can’t see any reason for someone to dislike it.

So, when this guy finds himself in UK phone shops, be sure to go out and get it, even if it’s just for snake.