It is time to unite under a Conservative banner

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A tiny bit of bias coming from me today, but I suppose you’ve become rather used to it!

Yesterday, as you may have noticed, our Prime Minister announced that she would be seeking a general election to be held on 8th  June 2017. This was clearly a move with Britain’s best interests in mind. As Theresa May said, last year we voted to leave the European Union and whilst the country has come together in supporting Theresa May’s attitude to Brexit, the opposition parties are doing their utmost to maintain a divided Parliament.

“In recent weeks Labour has threatened to vote against the final agreement we reach with the European Union. The Liberal Democrats have said they want to grind the business of government to a standstill. The Scottish National Party say they will vote against the legislation that formally repeals Britain’s membership of the European Union.”

Theresa May

This is thus an opportunity to cement a Parliament that will be united in Britain’s exit from the European Union. A parliament that will put away the childish political point-scoring and opposition for the sake of driving personal agendas or careers. The next House of Commons will be simply one that serves the national interest. What this means is that we must vote for and support the Conservative Party in its campaign.

Over the last seven years, our country has been graced with a sea of blue seats that have delivered us from an economy driven into the ground by Labour and into an era of prosperity. Since ascending into government, the Conservatives have reduced the deficit, safeguarding our economy for younger generations so that we don’t face extortionate taxation to fight our way out of another debt-ridden economy. Labour is a party of spending and borrowing – a surefire way to cripple an country.

But how have the Conservatives helped the man on the street? For an average person, the Conservatives have saved them £825 per year as a result of cutting income tax for over 26 million people. The party has cut fuel duty, saving individuals even more money. The party has cut corporation tax – helping business owners to invest and expand. The Conservatives have helped to create nearly 2 million new jobs. Just watch the news: in every employment report we now see the unemployment level is decreasing – that’s the Conservative way.

The Conservatives have protected the schools budget and have invested £18bn in new schools – thus better preparing future generations. Furthermore, the party is ending the failed “one size fits all” attitude to education by pushing for the reintroduction of grammar schools. Yes, fake tories at private schools and failed socialists may despise the idea of selection based on ability because the former wish to keep their own elite bubble and the latter want everyone to have as awful a life as they do! But real Conservatives appreciate that everyone must have the best opportunities in life – and grammar schools only help with that.

The party has successfully shed its elitist impressions. I was delighted this morning to read that George Osborne will not be seeking re-election, which not only means that the Cameron-Osborne era of elitism is over, but that the people of Tatton can now have an MP who really represents them.

The Conservatives are about creating an economy that helps all, a society that works for everyone and a country that works for everyone and not just the privileged few who can afford to send their children to private school, not just those who don’t see the negative effects that this European Union has had on them and not just those who seek to hold Britain back during its most important years. My message to you is vote Conservative; if you don’t yet have a vote, support them in whatever way you can.