Scottish mutiny

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As I sit, dripping wet and bored, on a train heading back to Bristol from my day of campaigning for the Welsh local elections, I spy an old, battered, discarded “Vote Leave” placard on the side of the track. A reminder, perhaps, of the fallout from the glorious referendum and that our country is divided between not just the haves and the have-nots but the Brexiteers and Remainers.

There is also another perceived division that is much more serious within this kingdom, and a controversial politician from Holyrood is, yet again, stirring the pot and trying to tear our union apart. The Scottish nationalists led by Nicola Sturgeon are flooding the airwaves and our screens, demanding another referendum to split away from the union. It’s quite clear that the SNP have employed a toddler to work out how they’re going to fund their independence because it’s all a load of cries with no substance! Actually, scrap that, at least a toddler has fully developed brain cells between its ears.

It’s frankly laughable. The SNP have shown themselves up on three different aspects here.

Firstly, their definition of a generation is either horrifically inaccurate or the average life expectancy in Scotland has gone through the floor. It was made clear to the entire electorate of Scotland that this was the one time for a generation to decide whether this chunk of the union was going to split or stay – and they chose to remain by a huge margin. Now, this could mean that Sturgeon needs to consult a translator from Scottish Gaelic to English because she does not understand what “no, thanks” means. Alternatively, it could be that she is going the same way of her EU dictatorship idols, who won’t accept no for an answer. As we all know, the EU didn’t like the result of the Irish vote and forced them to vote again until they got the result they wanted; perhaps Nicola is taking a page from their book? Maybe the SNP are so anti-democratic that they will never accept the result of a referendum until they get what they want! Regardless, however one looks at the situation at hand, it doesn’t play well for the SNP.

Secondly, the SNP’s basis for independence collapsed, did it not? Constantly, “It’s the oil! It’s the oil!” that shall be the main economic pillar for independence to keep the country afloat. Well, that would have worked out well, wouldn’t it. Especially considering that the price of a barrel shot down from $112 per barrel in 2014 to just $50 per barrel – that’s Scotland’s independence dependence slashed by over 50%! Time to change the record?

Finally, the SNP seems to be confused about what the concept of independence really is. Independence in terms of a country would mean that it “can exercise self-government”, so in the case of Scotland it would be that the highest power is Holyrood Parliament (the art department building as I affectionately call it). This would be fine if Nicola Sturgeon and the rest of the nationalists did not want to have Scotland join the European Union – you know, that governing body. It’s no secret that the SNP wants Scotland to join the EU, but given the amount of EU funding they currently receive, it’s no surprise. What it is, though, is hypocrisy. The end goal for the SNP must be either independence or nothing at all; one cannot have an independent Scotland within the EU superstate. Maybe it’s time for a rethink?

I’ll tell you something though, the fact that the SNP seem to rely on funding from Brussels speaks volumes about how economically self-supportive Scotland really could be. An independent Scotland within the EU would be yet another parasitical country that takes out far more than it puts in – then again, that is the left wing mantra, is it not?

At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter what Sturgeon says because neither is Scotland going independent nor is it joining the EU. Spain has made it clear to Scotland that they’re nothing special and various other EU states have suggested that the Scots would have to apply for EU membership based on the country’s own merits – which it wouldn’t succeed at. Alongside this, there is no appetite for independence within Scotland. Look at the polling data: very few polls suggest that Scotland would vote for independence anyway. It’s time for the SNP to simply shut up and get in their place or else they will be exposed for the whining irritants that they really are. It’s time for them to focus on sorting out Scottish education, health and public services instead of pushing their own pet project.