Anti-fracking protesters graffiti Barclays, one arrested

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This afternoon protesters from “Bristol Rising Up” targeted the Barclays branch on Queens Road, scrawling the slogans “Toxic Bankers” and “#FrackOff” across the building’s walls and glass doors, and encouraging onlookers to scratch other messages into the lettering.

Members of the group, which describes itself as facilitating “active participation in social change as a response to social and environmental injustice”, yesterday took over the roof of the Broadmead Barclays branch and today they turned their attention to the branch on Queens Road.

One of the protesters, donning a penguin costume, claimed that Barclays was investing in fracking and the Dakota Access pipeline. Though it appeared that the police would not arrest the protesters for painting the slogans in the first place, the protestor I spoke to was later arrested for trying to prevent them being washed away.

When one looker-on remarked: “Isn’t this private property?”, another of the protesters replied: “Is there such thing as private property? That’s a whole other debate.”

There were suggestions that further acts of civil disobedience might take place. Yesterday: Broadmead; today: Queens Road. Tomorrow, I was told: “who knows”.