Is that a flying pig? No, it’s the Airport Flyer

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The public transport service between Bristol city centre and the airport is called the Bristol Flyer. Were you to really fly between them it would take less than two minutes, but as the Airport Flyer is actually a bus, the journey takes 40 minutes, if you’re lucky. Does it need to take this long?

From Broadmead, the bus lurches towards Temple Meads where it takes on the majority of its passengers and then snakes and jolts its way past the betting shops and e-cigarette outlets of Bedminster – a tortuous route that would be 20 minutes shorter if the bus started at Temple Meads and called in at the bus station before taking the A37, instead of starting at the bus station. But who am I to plan bus routes? Obviously, Bristol Flyer HQ know better and the two passengers collected en route the day that I travelled will surely be grateful for everyone else’s inconvenience. I would just like to know why this journey of five miles takes 40 minutes, whilst in Edinburgh the airport bus only takes 25 minutes to cover eight miles – and at half the price. In Edinburgh, they were so unhappy with this level of service that they spent £776m to supplement it with an even faster tram.

At least the Bristol buses have wi-fi. Actually, the majority do not, but some do. Or so we are told. On my bus, it was such a bumpy journey I would not have trusted myself to hold on to my phone, leave alone be able to read it. 

Public transport is a wonderful thing, when it works. A bus can replace dozens of cars and they are very much safer.  It’s just such a shame that, in Bristol, our public transport is so antiquated, expensive and slow.