The Everyman experience

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The Everyman cinema on Whiteladies Road is the antithesis of the soulless modern cineplexes many of us are used to. Originally a beautiful art deco cinema which closed in the 1990s, it has been converted into an Everyman “theatre-style” cinema. Everyman charges an extra £6 per ticket, with a Premium Adult ticket being £13.40 while the average cinema ticket in the UK is around £7.50. How can they justify this?

Well, where do I begin? From the atmosphere to the seating in the cinema, the Everyman really is in a league of its own. The generous seating in the theatre allows you to recline on sofas seating up to three people, giving a more homely and relaxed environment for watching your film. Combining this with smaller auditoriums, and therefore fewer people, provides an all-round more pleasant and calm experience.

The service is also more impressive than your average franchise cinema, stretching beyond just the popcorn counter. The theatre-style bar serves a wide range of unique drinks and snacks from craft beers to chocolate-covered honeycomb. The staff will even deliver drinks and snacks to your sofa: you don’t get that at Vue! However, the best part of the Everyman experience is always the introduction to the film by the theatre manager, something I have never experienced elsewhere. The Everyman gives a sense of yesteryear’s ambience and elegance, from the dimmed lighting and choice of music and décor. It really is a perfect place for special occasions.

But, is it worth going there every time? Probably not for regular cinema visits. However, for special occasions, it’s hard to beat the Everyman: comfortable seating, service inside the theatre and a quieter ambience (and not forgetting the yummy chocolate peanuts)! In my opinion, keep it for a treat.