Great Brexit! Prices go through the roof

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Nigel Farage is, no doubt, still pleased with himself

Forget politics. Forget left and right, the economy, the “if”s, “but”s and “maybe”s. Forget reasons, explanations and consequences – let’s just look at simple facts. Since the Brexit vote, prices have risen.

Here are some real examples of the annual price increases between 2016 and 2017:

Vauxhall Corsa – 24%
Nescafé Gold blend – 12%
Kelloggs crunchy nut – 22%
Robertson’s golden shred marmalade – 19%
Pedigree dog food – 15%
Wine – 11%
Apple MacBook Pro (12in) – 20%
Sonos connect – 25%
Average hotel price Reykjavik Iceland – 50%
Average hotel price Majorca Spain – 25%

Of course, not everything is going up – the value of the pound fell 15% against the euro and 18% against the dollar between June and October 2016. This has yet to work its way through to most of the goods we buy (large companies buy raw materials and transport well in advance) so further price increases this year are inevitable.

David Davis was right that Brexit has opened up new markets – ones we cannot afford.