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Last week, the Labour Party smashed it with their united, cult-like, and momentum-fuelled party conference, but the Tories clearly do it better.

This year, the Conservative Party Conference will be graced with tasty infighting, protests and fantastic speeches. The speeches are yet to come, but they will be covered by Berkeley Squares so let’s talk about the infighting and the protestors; they’re more fun after all.

Reading the Telegraph this morning, it seems that delegates can be front row witnesses to all-out warfare within the party ranks. This comes as Eurosceptic MPs and grandees such as David Jones, former Brexit minister, demand a Christmas deadline for trade talks to be conclusive and substantial and state that the Prime Minister must be prepared to walk away if “serious” talks on free trade have not begun by the end of the year. News of rebellions continue as this conference seems to be a make-or-break moment for Mrs May’s leadership. Drenched in embarrassment from her omnishambles of a general election, the Conservative Party leader has been put in line by Ruth Davidson who has said she must “step up” her efforts to connect with the youth of Great Britain. I concur. At the Bristol Downs Festival’s Information stage, I made the point that the Conservatives did not offer anything to young people like Corbyn did, and I continued to say that it was vital that CCHQ put priority on winning over the youth vote unless we  wish to seek annihilation at the next election.

Adding fuel to the fire, the Daily Telegraph also reports that Mrs May must lead a “revolution” of tax cuts to demonstrate what “genuine conservatism looks like” – one can dream, right? This country has seen far too much spending on pointless projects and cannot afford it. It’s time to take a sharp blade to the waste that this government is presiding over.

Speaking of sharp blades, Tory delegates arriving in Manchester today can expect the kind and gentler politics crew to be greeted by signs demanding that we “Hang Tories!” and massive, anti-democracy, anti-government protests. The socialists who preach that love trumps hate must have clearly had some brain cells missing as their tolerance has resulted in the need for 1, 000 extra officers to be called into Manchester to protect the thousands of Conservative Party delegates as part of a £2m police operation. The Manchester Police Force is drafting in extra armed officers as they anticipate thousands of angry, hate-filled, protesters to disrupt proceedings on Sunday alone. Chief Superintendent John O’Hare has warned protestors to stick to “peaceful protest” and to remember what is “acceptable and what’s not acceptable”. The last time the governing party came to Manchester in 2015, peaceful delegates were subject to loud verbal abuse, many delegates were spat at, and one unfortunate young Tory was egged. My message to anyone planning to protest against the peaceful conference is this: practise what you preach; you state that love trumps hate, that everyone is equal, that we say no to bigotry, yet you come to a political event and abuse delegates – both physically and verbally. Look in a mirror and recognise your hypocrisy. Remember that last week, there were no reports of right-wing protestors spitting at or egging Labour Party delegates, no reports of Labour fringe events being forced to shut down due to protestors. We Conservatives had the decency not to disrupt your right to free speech at your conference, so we expect you to treat us in the same manner.

This week, you can expect some top-brow, on-the-scene reporting from me for Berkeley Squares as CPC17 promises to be one of the most exciting and interesting events of this year in the political sphere. Labour may have had a united conference, but surely tasty infighting and top quality speeches by the UK’s leading politicians is far more impressive than a dull, out-of-tune rendition of Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes. Watch this space.