Review: Rocotillos

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The wall is adorned with mosaics and framed food descriptions.

The wall is adorned with mosaics and framed food descriptions

Rocotillos is a local chain of American-style diners, with one on the Triangle in Clifton and the other in Bishopston. We visited the Clifton branch, tucked away on the lesser-walked stretch of the Triangle close to Brandon Hill. It is a favourite of Bristol’s youth, often visiting after school for one of their famous milkshakes.

Rocotillos stands out from its neighbours Hunger Hatch,  Piri Piri Corner and Triangle Grill due to its high-quality food. Aesthetically, Rocotillos perfectly embodies the spirit of the American Diner, with an abundance of stainless steel stools and boxy blue booths. Just like the diners that inspired it, ordering is done at the bar which makes service quick and easy.

We ordered the pulled pork quesadilla, the pulled pork burger and extra fries. Previously we have had milkshakes which, although rather pricey, are highly recommended. Rocotillos offers classic flavours such as chocolate, vanilla and banana in addition to exciting specials such as “Phish Food”, cookie dough and Oreo.

The burger, quesadilla and chips.

The burger, quesadilla and chips

Our food arrived quickly and was very tasty. The pulled pork burger was well cooked and enclosed in a delicious brioche bun. The pulled pork was not overpowering as it can sometimes be and complimented the burger well. I was slightly disappointed with the chips as they seemed insubstantial and overcooked. However, this did not detract from my experience and I would strongly recommend the burger.

The pulled pork quesadilla only included the pulled pork, the sauce it was cooked in, a helping of cheddar cheese and, of course, the toasted tortilla. This simple dish was perfectly complemented with a sweet salsa that cut through the rich sauce within the quesadilla. It was hard to eat with my hands, as a typical dish of this sort would be, so I opted for a knife and fork. However, this didn’t concern me as it was delicious.

Rocotillos is an excellent location for lunch, dinner or a quick snack. The meals are tasty and well made, whilst still being very quick to arrive, and the milkshakes are excellent.