Review: Piri Piri Corner

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“I’d be lying to you if I said Piri Piri Corner was high dining”,  a fool might say if asked to review it, but thankfully I am not that.

I am, however, an expert when it comes to the delicacies you can acquire around the area of Park Street and the Clifton Triangle.

I have experienced it all; from Quigleys to Kaspa’s, and from Nandos to Rocotillos. And there is no doubt in my mind that if you asked me the best place for chicken in Bristol, I would tell you Piri Piri Corner.

Its interior may not be the Amiens Cathedral of eateries, nor can I guarantee they actually sell the milkshakes or pizzas plastered on all the walls, but what I can guarantee is beautiful, crispy chicken for low low prices.

Those pizzas and milkshakes sure look nice; it would be good if they actually sold them

It may be small, but nevertheless it’s actually quite nice — if the four tables aren’t taken

When you step in, the first thing you notice is the mesmerising smell of the special piri piri chicken secret recipe. Whilst there are few seats, they culminate in a cosy, friendly environment. The prices are low; though waiting times may be a little longer than you would want for fast food, especially with larger groups. However, waiting times have only got shorter as the years have gone on and Piri Piri are rumoured to be planning a renovation of their interior.

The group I visited with purchased two lots of five piri piri wings with chips and a drink, two lots of piri piri strips with chips and a drink, a burger with chips and a drink, along with some normal wings and a large portion of chips: all for around £25. I had wings, which were crispy yet tender, and from what I heard the strips were soft and succulent. The burger, while it wasn’t put together quite like a Renaissance painting, was reported to be tasty, with more chicken than bread, and the standard wings were simply better than you can get anywhere else. However, we were split on the chips; with some saying they were over-fried while others claimed they were just right. It seems that chips are simply a matter of the taster’s discretion.

It may look like a car crash, but that burger tasted really good (apparently)

Never judge a book by its cover, those wings were cooked to perfection

Piri piri strips: spicy, succulent and widely enjoyable


It is also worth noting that the restaurant’s chicken is halal, the staff are friendly and that it has the top food hygiene rating of “5”.

I am being completely serious when I say the chicken is excellent: it’s probably the only piri piri chicken I’ve had for this price that is actually spicy. If you find yourself around the Triangle and need something to eat, you can do far worse than Piri Piri Corner.