A spoiler-filled follow-up to my review on Star Wars: The Last Jedi

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I have discussed this film in great depth with friends since my review came out, I have even been cussed once or twice by people for my opinion, although I don’t understand why anyone worships a franchise so religiously that they would demand a lynching of anyone who didn’t like it.

Indeed, there is another portion of fans for whom I feel sorry because they feel that Disney has ruined their once-fantastic franchise. Personally, I always hated Disney’s Star Wars. Their anger is due to plot points that I wouldn’t dare spoil in my review on the film, however, I must discuss not only weaknesses, but other moments where I thought strides were taken in a positive direction.

I will start with Vice Admiral Holdo. A lot of people think that it was stupid for her to not disclose her plan with Poe Dameron, but there were good reasons why she chose not to. Poe had just caused the deaths of many resistance heroes, therefore, Holdo is going to want to make sure that he doesn’t overstep again. It does go too far however: once Poe launches a mutiny against her, surely she could have told him what was going on?

If you wished to do something new with the franchise, why were these brought back? Is it so much to ask that a new vehicle should replace the AT-AT?

I do wish she had told Poe earlier, however, because the section of the film with the Casino planet and the animal racing could have been cut with nothing lost. This film is over two and a half hours long and keeping that section, which results in nothing but betrayal by DJ, only serves to make a half-boiled point about animal treatment. What if the light-speed tracker had been replaced with a spy aboard The Resistance’s ship? This is unseen in Star Wars and it would create far more tension! Holdo would have a reason not to tell Poe about her plan, because there is suspicion about who is a spy on that ship.

Rian Johnson, the director, is a very good filmmaker in my opinion. To anyone looking for further works of his, look no further than LooperFantastic film about time travel sharing the same genre as Star Wars.  As much as I was interested to see his vision, two things must be noted. The first is how much time is wasted by him on purposeless shots of scenery. Luke’s island looks very nice but I don’t need to see it from so many angles thank you.

Could the First Order not have sent out more than three fighters initially to take out the resistance having caught up to them? Could they have sent the fighters by Snoke’s ship ahead of the Resistance’s cruiser?

The second is that, because this is not one man’s vision (writers and directors change between each film), much is dropped from The Force Awakens and you can tell that there were writers with different visions working on this film. Is there hope for the future as JJ Abrams comes back for Star Wars Episode XI? Not really, because it has five separate writers currently working on it.

I cannot go into this discussion of spoilers any further without discussing the bit of the film that made me laugh the most. That was when Leia floated through space back onto the Resistance’s ship (for this discussion I will be kind and ignore the fact that letting her into the ship would’ve caused everyone on board to be sucked out into space). To make the Force do new things in such a way is brave, however, it is also brave to fight a grizzly bear while naked yet it still looks stupid when the bear bites your legs off.

The new Force powers introduced add countless plot holes (on top of the ones already in the film) and the prime example of this is Luke’s use of the force at the end of the film. If Luke can do this, why couldn’t Obi-Wan do it? What about Qui-Gon? Even Plo Koon of Clone Wars fame? It surely would’ve been helpful for many situations. Another question to ask is how did Luke die? Why did he die? It was a moment that felt very arbitrary, surely not a worthy death for such an amazing hero of cinema.

Speaking of unworthy death, why was Admiral Ackbar killed off in such an overlooked manor? At worst these films are products, at best they are fan service. At least make this the best film it can be! Just imagine if Admiral Ackbar had gone in the way that Holdo did, flying a ship into another ship at light speed! If that had happened, the cinema would be flooded with tears that were only mine. Seriously. This film could’ve been the third film I have ever cried at and maybe even given an extra star had that happened!

What did Rose mean in her words before kissing Finn? Surely by sacrificing himself Finn was saving what he loves?

A short word on that moment excluding Ackbar: if this strategy is so powerful then why did no one think of this before? If the British navy’s first idea was to launch fire ships at the Spanish Armada then surely at least one person out of the four hundred in the Resistance fleet thought about this similar idea?

Snoke. We must talk about Snoke. What on earth were they thinking with Snoke? This has to be a victim of the change in writers and directors, I can see no other explanation. He had mystery, even a spookiness surrounding him as he uses the Force to hold someone down through a hologram. He connected two minds using the force, he can sense many things that surround him using the force. Consider all of this please. In your considerations, even forget his Force powers for a second. It is ridiculous to think that Snoke could not hear, nor even open his eyes to see that the lightsaber next to him was being used to kill him?

Also let us talk about Rey’s parents. Surely this mystery was also ruined by the transfer of writers? I would not mind the fact that Rey did not have parents of a significant lineage if we had been told that as soon as we met her. Do not overhype gifts that you are giving if they are only socks damp with sweat.

The previous two Star Wars episodes are the worst in the franchise. You can shout about how bad the prequels are for days, you can shout until your voice is hoarse. Should you do this, I will tell you to return to your cult meeting and carry the message to them that I will take consistency within a trilogy showing the vision of one man (even a failed vision) over a cold product that is clearly not coming from a passion, it is coming from studio executives demanding a trilogy be made no matter how poorly stapled together the films are.

A word on plot holes in general, if a film can take you in and cause you to overlook them then that is not necessarily a sign of your lack of intelligence, The Dark Knight Rises is full of plot holes, yet I cannot help but love it. The difference between this and The Last Jedi is that the latter is bad excluding this discussion of plot holes. I stick by my rating in my review, however, I wished to dissect the finer details of the plot here as well.

If you can enjoy Star Wars outside of this, don’t let me stop you. If you can enjoy any film that I do not, I envy you for having something more to enjoy than I. Far and away my greatest problem with these new Star Wars films is that they are here only to make money, which you can see in the fact that it feels like a modern blockbuster, in the fact that it has gone through multiple writers in each film, for the fact that it is even firing directors who may even be trying to take their films into a new direction.

If you will not listen to me, listen to Mark Hamill. He is not happy with Luke’s character in the new films and I agree wholeheartedly. To give a quick example, Luke tries to kill Ren for having the dark side in him, however, when Vader was the most evil man in the galaxy, Luke still tried to turn him back to the light. I give this criticism in order to help bring this franchise back to the light. Give this franchise to a man with a vision, stop recycling and remixing the same story.

God knows this may be in vain, however, this film alone has made more money than I will in my lifetime. The sad thing is that only after Episode VIII was released, JJ Abrams was pitching the story for Episode IX. They really are making this up as they go along.