Artista, agency that supplied Presidents Club hostesses, scrubs its website

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Artista, the agency reported to have provided hostesses for the Presidents Club fundraiser at the Dorchester Hotel on 18 January, has removed almost all the content from its website, Following an undercover investigation by the Financial Times it is alleged that sexual harassment of these hostesses took place and, after many charities pledged to return any funds raised, the Presidents Club yesterday announced it would shut down.

Artista, which bills itself as “the professional face of your event”, is run by Caroline Dandridge and until today its website proclaimed it had “celebrated 10 years of providing hosts and hostesses for some of the worlds [sic] most¬†prestigious companies”. Their website now simply contains a message that visitors should “contact us for further information”, before listing a phone number and email address. Pages that were live yesterday now present a “404 Not Found” error. They have also set their Instagram account to be private, so that any followers must be approved before seeing their posts.

However, the website was cached in its original form yesterday by the Wayback Machine, a service that captures and stores copies of websites for historical record, and it can be viewed at It contained details about the company’s history, the services it offers, and an images gallery of their “models”. At the time of writing a Vimeo account associated with the agency remains live (update 20:57: all videos have since been removed). An older version of their website, which lists testimonials from previous clients including the Economist and Barclays, is available at¬†(update 28/01/2017: this website has since been pulled. A partial archive can be found at The testimonials have not been captured, though we have copies of them).