Review: The Prince of Wales

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The sign showing the promises of the establishment.

The sign showing the promises of the establishment

The first time that we, a group of prestigious gentlemen searching for the finest of public houses, walked past the Prince of Wales, we were instantly intrigued by the promises stated on its large, ornate sign. “Traditional Beer, Good Home Cooked Food, Selected Fine Wines” and an “Enclosed Garden” were tantalisingly teased. To our hungry and thirsty minds, this seemed to be the perfect location and we entered swiftly.

This would not be the first time we stepped through the porch of the Prince and into the pub itself. Like any group of prestigious gentlemen who go about their work with the highest professionalism, we decided to visit this location not once, nor even twice. We went together on three separate occasions in order to check that our opinion was as valid and worthwhile as possible.

The first thing that is apparent when one steps through the door is the warm atmosphere. The locals are inviting enough to make you favour this public house over the neighbouring “Black Swan”.

The interior of the pub.

The interior of the pub

Being the law-abiding citizens that we are, our choice of beverage was limited to the Prince’s non-alcoholic selection. We have enjoyed cokes, lemonades and even J2Os at this establishment. However, we have been reliably informed by top-secret sources, who have requested that their identities remain sensitive, that the Prince offers some excellent alcoholic beverages. The signature drink of the establishment, Butcombe, is a particular favourite of them with its sharp yet inoffensive flavour. For those preferring ciders, an Ashton Press will be a good choice.

Having bought our drinks, we seated ourselves at a table away from the main thoroughfare, close to the enclosed garden. This presented us with the perfect chance to explore the Prince’s outdoor seating environment. As it was winter, it was dark and cold and we could only make out the glow of scattered cigarettes. However, we are all confident that, once summer arrives, the Prince’s outdoor seating will be an incredible place to spend a long, light night.

The steak.

The steak, it looked so delicious that we forgot to photograph it until it had been started

Having returned inside, to the warmth and warm glow of the elegant wooden tables, we ordered our food. Between us, we ordered steak and scampi.

The steak came with an array of onion rings, tomatoes and chips. There are often times where your meal is clearly not that of the greatest gourmet quality, however, in such a location and mood it is not the heart of your concern. If you’re looking for traditional pub food, you should not look further; if you’re craving something high end, I would say a gander at the restaurants in nearby Westbury Village may not even suffice.

The scampi.

The scampi, also started before we remembered to take a photo

Similarly, the scampi was basic, as we would expect from a pub. However, it was very enjoyable and certainly filling, complimenting a coke perfectly.

Therefore, we implore you to visit the Prince of Wales if you are looking for an atmospheric, stress-free pub experience where you can indulge in exquisite food and drink. We can testify that the promised “Traditional Beer, Good Home Cooked Food” and “Enclosed Bar” can all be found here and are all of exceptional quality (we have yet to hear any reports of the “Selected Fine Wines”).