Review: Avengers: Infinity War

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Well, we are finally here. 10 years of anticipation and trailers led me to the cinema with mixed expectations. Of course, even before they had seen the film, many wise men knew intuitively that it would be a masterpiece. Not only was the IMDb page filled with 10/10 reviews from the community before its release date, but two gentlemen had even threatened physical violence against me should I choose not to conform.

“It’s a solid Berkeley Squares two stars” – Will Palmer

“Your opinion is wrong” – James Bunker on Will Palmer’s opinion

Although I may be a philosophy student I would like to ask Richard Dawkins only about the religious fanaticism that surrounds these films, which seems to be a topic that many have become over-excited about. I can understand children getting this excited, the film being mainly for them, however not the adults who seem to let it consume their lives.

Some may take exception to my saying this is for children, but only the mind of a child could see past major plot holes and structure. Either that, or you would have to be so much of a fan that you could overlook these problems. There are numerous holes in the plot, especially regarding Dr Strange and his use of the Time Stone. Other holes would require me to spoil moments of the film, hence I will leave them for another time.

Those who remember my spoiler discussion of The Last Jedi will recall that I only take plot holes into account when I am bored to tears. This film is a meaty two hours and 29 minutes, and makes us realise how repetitive the films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are. There are three romance subplots, each one involving superheroes putting their significant other at risk in order to save half the universe! There are other moments which could have been swifter – Thor getting a new weapon is one of them.

What is also rather boring is the fact that all the separate groups of heroes are working towards the same goal, with only one group being entertaining to watch. The team of Dr Strange, Spider-Man, and Iron Man are by far the most interesting – Strange conflicting with Stark brings in great drama and only very few dud jokes. One small moment at the start of Strange’s screen-time annoys me: he seems to be as snarky as he was at the start of his solo film even though his arc in that film was to get rid of this attitude.

Is this film bloated? Of course it is. The problem with it, at times, is how different the tones of the characters are, especially the Guardians of the Galaxy, although the scenes involving them are better than in their second film, with the comedy being more consistent even if their initial jokes lack the subtlety to be funny.

Thanos is a good villain and I understand the motivation behind his actions and genuinely believe that he was conflicted in his sacrifice. I have heard complaints about the fact that he is very different from his comic-book counterpart in motivation, however the changes made sense. It is good that this film chooses to focus on him so much, whereas the temptation may have been to have more time for all the heroes.

Is the action enjoyable? Yes, but it is nothing special. It gets marked down for the poor tactical decisions that the heroes make, as well as for not being exciting enough in the middle of the film. Any action with Doctor Strange was at least interesting to watch.

Currently I think that I will retire from Marvel films once this Infinity War saga is over, although any sequel to Doctor Strange will have me on-board for visual interest alone.

There is enjoyment to be had in Infinity War, though not for those expecting it to be a good film by usual standards. I have no doubt that among superhero fans it will be remembered for its ambition, but probably for little else. Was Will Palmer right? Is it a solid Berkeley Squares two stars? No way. It is a solid Berkeley Squares two and a half stars instead!