A Fantasy Premier League catch up after 1 month

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The Premier League has completed four weeks of football, meaning that we are now 1 month into this Fantasy Premier League season, so over the international break we thought we would look back at how some of the Berkeley Squares team have got on!

Before that though, for anyone who has not played Fantasy Premier League, here is a brief explanation. The aim of the game is to create a squad full of real players, who get points according to their real-life performances, and get the most points each week. You are given £100 million to build your team of 15 (11 starting players and 4 subs,) with each player in the Premier League having a unique price tag, and once the season starts, you are given one free transfer per week to further update your team. Then you are presented with a couple of boosts that will give you particular advantages over the course of the season. The first is the ability to nominate any player of yours to be your captain for that particular week, doubling their points tally. You are then given 2 wildcards a season that allow you to make unlimited changes ahead of the next gameweek, and 1 free hit, triple captain, and bench boost per season that will also grant a week-long advantage over your friends and family.

Although the concept is simple, pick the players that do the best, Fantasy Premier League can get pretty tactical, and knowing which players will perform on any given day is often hard to predict. As the accounts of our Berkeley Squares team’s experiences will suggest, Fantasy Premier League involves a bit of tactics, a bit of luck, an awful football pun for your team name, but crucially the weekend spent glued to the TV as you encourage “your” players on from the comfort of your living room.

Thomas Perry-Sport Section Editor-First Che Out-267 points


Having spent the last half a decade being nothing more than mediocre at Fantasy Premier League, a 92 point 2nd week has left me doing surprisingly well. This seems to be down to the fact that as a Southampton fan, I always start the season with 3 Southampton players, which has tended to be my downfall, but this season it has worked out alright. McCarthy and Walker-Peters have secured me 2 clean sheets, and Ings has been able to carry on his form from last year, bagging me 3 goals over the first 4 games. But this isn’t the only way Southampton has helped me this season. By also backing anyone coming up against Southampton, I have been able to take advantage of Son Heung-Min’s 4 goal stunner against us in week 2  to propel me up the leaderboard. Otherwise, I have seen decent success from my team overall, but sadly I wasn’t able to see Liverpool’s 7-2 defeat to Aston Villa coming, and as a result, I have lost my spot at the top of the QEH Elizabethan Society league, which I held for a brief but blissful 24 hours. With my Wildcard activated going into Gameweek 5, I have confidence I can bounce back to the top of the podium, and I am optimistic about my FPL clubs future.

Noah Gassas-Chief Editor-Tossed Salah and Eggs-202 points

This is my first time doing fantasy premier league, and as someone who does not follow football and has never done so before, it’s a surprisingly good time. Inevitablydecisions have been made based solely on the players’ kits, names, and portraits, and yet I’m somehow not doing that badly.  I made my starting roster with the automatic team-building feature, and because of that the team’s wealth was pretty much evenly distributed between each position. I got through the first 3 weeks with mediocre scores partially due to this lack of standout players. I decided to use my Wild Card at the beginning of Gameweek 4, and it shows. It was by far my best week, with a score of 81, mostly thanks to my team’s new captain and namesake, Salah. I replaced almost my entire team, redirecting some funding from my defence, goalie, and midfield in order to pick up Ings, Wilson, Calvert-Lewin, and Rodriguez, among others. 

I’m excited to overtake the rest of the Berkeley Squares team soon, naturally. 

Seb Davison-Contributor (barely)-100 Cechs-215 points


Going into the international break, my mind was somewhat at peace. No threat of another defensive mix-up or blinder from Kepa robbing Chelsea of 3 points, no scrolling through posts from idiots on football twitter bullying Harry Maguire, and most importantly no FPL! My blunders of the last few weeks have, (as I have repeated to many), been down to my “long term approach”. In short, what really happened was that I was swayed by the big money moves Chelsea managed to procure—bad move! From weeks one to three, I managed to ween three assists total from the Havertz-Werner duo, with only Aubameyang and my ever-present talisman Romain Saïss keeping my head above water. But week four was a different story entirely! Finally, I caught a glimpse of the potential of my squad. The feeling of glee of my (dare I say) nigh-perfect run towards the end of last season came rushing back. At seventy-five points I now sit, poised to clamber up the QEH Elizabethan Society league board quicker than Phil Jones scrambling towards the foot of a Frenchman baring down on goal.

And how have I got to this enviable position (38th) you wonder? Panic buys. That would be your answer. DCL may be here to stay, but as soon as Son was bought in, the threat of an injury instantly made me swap him for Rodriguez. A move I instantly regretted as I saw the Liverpool derby on the cards next (although after last week’s performance, that may not be such a bad thing)! But I suppose the question is how do I plan to continue? To plan means many different things to different people. I don’t tend to plan so much as think up a few good buys based on what the commentators say about whoever Chelsea just played against, watch some FPL nut on YouTube big up a £4.5 million defender from Crystal Palace and instantly disregard said buys, then cheapen my midfield to end up with £1.4 million  in the bank and still not get rid of Werner (a good week’s coming, I promise!) So all things considered, my recommendations for next week would be: keep Tottenham players, get Grealish and for goodness sake sell Werner.

Patrick O’Regan-Politics Editor-Patch FC-140 points

Patrick FPL

To put it lightly, this year’s Fantasy Premier League has not gone very well. In fact, if it weren’t for Watkins scoring a Hat-trick against Liverpool then I would probably be bottom of every league I’m in. My only advice would be for people not to invest heavily on defenders because seemingly no one can keep a clean sheet at the moment. It’s truly a crazy season.