An exclusive interview with Stria Sport on the launch of their new brand and debut sneaker

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It’s rare enough to see a new sneaker brand pop up seemingly out of nowhere, and it’s even rarer that they let a pupil run online magazine interview them. Luckily for us, however, this is exactly what has happened, as Stria Sport has kindly let us ask them a couple of questions on the creation of their brand and their debut sneaker, the 107 Series.

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Firstly, what’s the story behind the brand and why did you decide to enter the basketball sneaker market?

As former basketball players ourselves, we have worn numerous brands for many years. More recently, however, we’ve found it harder and harder to find a shoe that achieved the level of performance we were looking for. That is when Stria Sport was born. Our goal was to create a shoe that was extremely comfortable and light-weight, but most of all performed at a high level. Having a sleek design and aesthetic was the vision we had for not only the shoe but for our brand as well.

We noticed you are based in Chicago. Chicago is obviously heavily ingrained in sneaker culture, most notably for its involvement with the Air Jordan line, what does the city mean to you?

Being born and raised in Chicago, we grew up in the heart of sneaker culture. Your shoes are not only a reflection of your game but your style and personality as well. It means everything to us to be a new brand launching in the city. We’re proud to call Chicago our home base for both research and development as well as business operations.

We noticed the 107 Series has received a very positive reception in the comments of Instagram pages that have featured it, were you expecting such positive feedback so soon after the shoes reveal?

We were confident and excited about our final design. We spent a lot of time early on getting feedback from all ages, both men and women, to help us lock in on our final design and colourways. As well as getting athletes to wear test the shoe and break down what they liked and disliked. As a result, we were hopeful that that positivity would continue when we started to introduce our design to the public. The comments and interest in the brand has been amazing so far and we are very appreciative. We’re excited for it to grow as we share more images of our colourways leading up to our launch.

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What sets the 107 Series apart from other performance basketball sneakers on the market?

In today’s marketplace, we believe there is more of an emphasis put on form, not function. Our mission was to create the most comfortable, one of the lightest weight, performance basketball shoes on the market. To perform at a high level, the athlete first and foremost needs to be comfortable. And then, having a shoe that is lightweight is crucial to keep athletes fresh throughout gruelling practices and games. Finally, durability is another key to sneaker success. The 107 Series is unique to the market because it combines all of these attributes into the ultimate performance package.

As a new sneaker brand, we assume you don’t necessarily have access to the same knowledge and resources that many top brands do. How do you hope to overcome this disadvantage, if it is even a disadvantage for you?

Through hours of hard work and many long nights, we’ve worked hard to close any knowledge gap that we had in learning the ins-and-outs of the sneaker industry. We’ve also had the opportunity to add a few very well-experienced professionals to our team who helped us through this process. Additionally, as a new brand, we have the luxury of being agile. During design and creation, we didn’t have any deadlines and could work until we believed our shoe was absolutely perfect.

We notice the promotion of your Sneaker has mainly been through social media, how important are platforms like Instagram to a sneaker brand that is trying to get its name out there?

Social media is essential for us because we can share our message directly with the consumer. As sneakerheads ourselves, it is important for us to connect with the basketball and sneaker community. Stria Sport is a brand founded by athletes, for athletes. And that’s what we want to convey.

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The Stria Sport 107 Series will be releasing later this month, in 8 unique colourways. To stay up to date on new developments, you can follow their official pages on Instagram or Facebook.

All Images courtesy of Stria Sport