Biden’s Game Plan: What is the Former VP’s Plan To Defeat Incumbent Trump

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November 3rd is closing in on us, and the race for the most powerful office in the world is heating up. Polls have recently shown a slight bump for Trump, however, according to a poll done on the 12th September by USC Dornsife, Biden still leads by 12 points, and undoubtedly Biden will win the popular vote. However, US elections aren’t run on who gets the most votes, and polls show the race tightening in the ever-important swing states, such as Florida and Wisconsin, states Clinton crucially lost in 2016. With Trump’s clear anti-democratic policies, such as refusing to fund the postal service in the middle of a pandemic, and the recent death of supreme court judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg leaving an opening for the conservative judge Amy Coney Barrett, there has not been a more important election in the US’s modern history.

So far, Biden has played safe and steady campaign. The gaffe-prone former Vice President has been rarely seen in public since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, which has ravaged the US, with him preferring to give interviews and speeches from his basement in Delaware. Before the convention in August, I would have to confess to not knowing much about Biden’s platform other than the fact he wasn’t Trump and that he went around on a bus with ‘No Malarkey’ slapped on it throughout the Democratic primaries. This might be fine for some voters who want the Trump nightmare to end. However, he must do more than just that to reach out to swing voters. Biden is incredibly experienced and has been involved in numerous policies, from his time as a Senator and as Vice President, and that gives him a large amount of baggage.  None more than the 1994 crime bill, that he helped write, which heavily impacted African Americans in urban areas. Given the importance of the black vote to Biden, who’s campaign would be nowhere without their vote in the South Carolina primaries, he must lead a campaign for real change in the US’ Prison and Justice system to secure the African American vote. His promises so far are to divert drug users away from prison and into treatment instead, a higher focus on the system being on redemption and rehabilitation, and passing the SAFE Justice act. Biden will hope these policies reach the ever decisive African American vote, especially considering the accusations made that Biden doesn’t care about social justice issues.

One person that had made that accusation in the democratic debates was Kamala Harris, who is now Biden’s running mate. Harris, who had berated Biden for his position on busing while he was a Senator, could be one of the most important vice-presidential picks in a long time. Unlike Clinton, who picked a safe but rather uninteresting VP candidate in Senator Tim Caine in 2016, Biden has picked one of the strongest and most exciting democrat politicians in Harris. A great speaker and unapologetic in her views, Harris works with Biden perfectly in balancing the ticket on areas such as race, age, and debating skills. Despite the position of VP being a mostly decorative position, Harris could play a vital role in White House affairs considering Biden’s age and could even be looking for a second run at office in 2024, at which time Biden will be 81 and surely aged out of running for President.

Harris though, while more left-leaning than Biden, doesn’t appeal as much to the far left-leaning democrats, otherwise known as “Bernie Bros”, a group of mostly white middle-class college students that seemingly enjoy harassing any person online that dares to have a view other than theirs. While seemingly a harmless group, they could swing certain states in protest at the DNC, seeing them as corrupt and rigging election results against Socialist Bernie Sanders, and vote for Trump. Biden has attempted to appease them by creating a pact with Sander’s team, which focuses heavily on action on climate change and criminal justice reforms, areas of which Biden was criticized for not being strong enough on. While this pact doesn’t endorse the big policies of Sander’s primary campaign, such as universal healthcare, disbanding immigration enforcement, or defunding police departments, it is a step in the right direction for Biden to reach out to left-wing voters within his party, and also not compromise any kind of support he may receive from independents and dissatisfied Republicans.

The election is less than two months away, and Biden will be heading into November 3rd as the frontrunner in the polls with the Presidency within his grasp. However, he knows any slip-up, such as Clinton’s email scandal last election, could easily swing the direction of the election into Trump’s camp. This is probably why the gaffe-prone candidate is staying safe away from the spotlight and making very rare appearances on TV from his basement. In the end, if Harris makes up for Biden’s inability to enthuse and inspire voters, it could be difficult for the President, who seems to be having a different crisis within his administration each week, to make any comeback in the polls.