The Berkeley Squares Fantasy Premier League update #2

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Another month has passed, and the Premier League has paused for another international break, so the Berkeley Squares team are back again to give their takes on how FPL has gone for them over the last couple of weeks.

Thomas Perry-Sport Section Editor-First Che Out-491 points

When I suggested a monthly segment on Fantasy Premier League to my Berkeley Squares counterparts in October, I was having a phenomenal start to the season that saw me peak at 14000th in the world. Sadly since the publication of the first FPL segment, my luck has vanished. My season so far has been very reminiscent of Everton, having gotten off to an amazing start, only to collapse by week 6 and fall towards the mid-table place I will inevitably end up by May of next year.

This seems to mostly be down to failing to make the correct choice between Son or Salah for Captain, as seemingly whoever I give the honour of double points to, will walk off the pitch that week offering my team no more than 2 points for playing 60 minutes.  No matter how weak the opposition, whoever I make Captain each week is cursed, but sure enough will find their lucky boots the second they lose the armband. The other reason for my awful performance since the last update is that Danny Ings, Southampton’s star man, has picked up an injury that should see him out until the 19th of December, but out of respect for how much he has done for my favourite team, I refuse to sell him. As a result, I will have £8.5 million wasting away as my 3rd sub for the time being, which is sure to hinder my FPL performance. You might think this loyalty to my club’s star player is respectable or you might think its stupid, in reality, it’s a great excuse to use when people inevitably point out their Fantasy team has overtaken mine.

With everything that is going on at the moment though it is important to stay positive, so in light of this, I will delight in the fact there is still a sizeable gap between me and the rest of the Berkeley Squares team.

Noah Gassas-Chief Editor-Tossed Salah and Eggs-421 points

I’ve been coasting along for the past few weeks, consistently just over or under average points. My team has changed quite a bit since the last update as half of my previous team were injured since GW 4, the biggest casualty being Salah, who I replaced with Ziyech this week. Having done so, I’ve somehow still got £6.9m in the bank and absolutely no idea what to do with it. 

More importantly, what’s with these football kits? They’re all so similar. It feels like half of them use the exact same blue, and another quarter use the exact same red. Am I subconsciously only choosing the players with blue kits? I don’t even like that colour! 

In conclusion, I am seriously considerinchanging my FPL goal from greatest number of points to team with the coolest kits.  

Seb Davison-Comes to the meetings-100 Cechs-422 points

So err, FPL went well-for a week. After my 70 point week 5, things began to slip (even Stevie G would be impressed)! If it weren’t for my darling Saïs and Ings, game week 6 would’ve ended on an even more pitiful note than 34. It’s safe to say the injury crisis has hit not only Liverpool but also myself, as I now stand with TAA, Kai and Wilson all injured after coming just under average score for two weeks, and Ings’ injury forcing me to part ways with Southampton’s saviour. I have currently not made any moves towards the likes of Grealish, Ziyech or Watkins, as at this point, I don’t think those targets are the priority. My defence is looking shoddy but I do believe I have the solution. Kurt Zouma, my idol. Ever since that inspiring Ajax run last season, this man has occupied a special place in my heart, and I am finally going to honour that. But we’ll have to see how that pays off in the coming weeks!


Patrick O’Regan-Politics Editor-Patch FC-315 points

Last two game weeks have seen an improvement in my standings, as my team is finally showing some consistency and stronger ability. The signing of Watkins after game week one has shown to be quite the purchase. Salah remains as consistent and reliable as ever, whilst De Bruyne is slowly improving. What could be useful now would be to have Aubameyang and Alexander Arnold begin to step up and start scoring and assisting. My main problem thanks to the international break placed smack bang in the middle of a global pandemic, is to find a team that is injury or COVID free, as currently, I may need to play Hendricks, Obafemi and Ake, who really don’t galvanise any sort of excitement. The next few game weeks could prove to be quite tough for me.