The Bristol Mayoral Election

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Camera / Edit by Jason Phillips and Will Edlin
Interviewers: David Evans, Tom Rickard, Zac Lloyd, Will Palmer, Alex Wilson and Noah Gassas

Hello, I’m David Evans, the Chief Sub-Editor at Berkeley Squares

Over the past week, Berkeley Squares has interviewed the five candidates for the Bristol mayor, one of whom will be elected by the residents of Bristol when they go to the polls on 6 May. With the introduction of the West of England Combined Authority, the choice of candidates has never been more politically diverse, with some pledging to overthrow the very position that they are seeking.

Marvin Rees


Marvin Rees has held the position of mayor for the past 5 years, and is seeking reelection. As the Labour candidate in Bristol, he has enjoyed popularity for the majority of his tenure, however, after recent events, his likelihood of success may be at risk.

Sandy Hore-Ruthven


Sandy Hore-Ruthven has held the position of CEO of Creative Youth Network for fifteen years, and is campaigning on a manifesto of sustainability. With a wealth of promises to benefit young people, the Green party is looking to launch an imminent challenge to the incumbent.

Alistair Watson


Despite their lack of support in Bristol in recent years, the Conservatives want to build off of their strong national election victory with Alastair Watson. Running on the pledge of long-term commitment to Bristol’s economy, Watson hopes to buck conventional wisdom and stand as a serious candidate for Mayor.

Caroline Gooch

Liberal Democrats

Bristol was a hub of Liberal Democrat support until recently. Caroline Gooch aims to reclaim her party’s hold on Bristol through her focus on infrastructure, and a bold new initiative to scrap the mayor.

Tom Baldwin

Trade Unionists and Socialists

Outspoken and an outsider, Tom Baldwin initially seems an unlikely candidate, however, his passionate rhetoric and progressive policies have caught the attention of voters. With a clear vision for the future, Baldwin’s contribution to intellectual debates means that his candidacy should not be overlooked.