The 418 Update

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The 418 Update

As a quick follow up to my previous article about the HTCPCP protocol (which can be found here), we have achieved our goal of building one of the few currently operating 418 teapots left in existence.

After around 700 lines of code and loads more markup to go alongside, with many late nights and coffee fuelled coding sessions we finally managed to make a C coded webserver which can be pinged from command line with a BREW request to return 418 as well as creating an entire locally hosted website to run along side for when accessed from a web browser, even going as far as to include a gallery of all other functioning 418 teapots in order to pay homage to the greats which came before us.

This project initially started as a joke but soon spiralled out into a much longer project where all elements had to be perfect for the final release. Going as far as to include the other HTCPCP elements which would only be used if the pot was a coffeepot and thus these parts of the code will never be used. But I guess it’s good to know that we’re at least being thorough in our programming.

The code and more specific technical information can be found on our GitHub page here