‘Grace McKagan’ bringing punk back

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With her first gig in 2 years at The Lock Up’ stage in Reading and Leeds festival, Grace brings her recently  released single ‘One you Love’ to a live crowd. These festivals made her debut live appearance as ‘Grace McKagan’ after she decided to go solo leaving her earlier band ‘The Pink Slips’.

Grace has some pretty impressive heritage with her dad being none other than Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan, her mum also being the American model, television personality, and fashion designer Susan Elizabeth Holmes-McKagan.

Grace’s music style is very much punk rock with some influences from Miley Cyrus coming through. Her music as well as stage presence hold huge amounts of sexual allure. She’s really reigniting the punk flame with the hope of getting up the modern fanbase.

It’s exciting to see younger artists drifting away from traditional pop ballads and heavily marketed personalities. Her lyrics also don’t seem to just be throw away comments, when talking about her recent single ‘One you Love’ Grace says, “I was inspired by the power of love. How strongly I feel love and how we all experience love, “my love is an emotion, don’t throw it in the ocean”. Love can be passionate and heartbreaking, frustrating and beautiful, mystical, heavenly, heavy, confusing, illogical… like a dream” Grace explains about her inspiration for the new track.

Currently Grace is working on her new album, this is something she has never done before but from the singles she has been releasing we can expect something very special. Especially with her heritage Grace seems like exactly the sort of artist to push the punk genre back into popularity. I look forward to hearing the new album and I’m sure Grace won’t fail to deliver.