Rotterdam Protests due to the new 2G rule!

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Photos: NOS,

Since Friday 19th of November, there have been various protests around different big cities in the Netherlands. It all started at around 18:00 in the city of Rotterdam. Protestors who were as young as 13 were throwing fireworks and metal objects towards heavy police guarded men to express their opinions. There was an estimated 3200 protestors by 21:00. The police believe that the protestors were most likely from the Local Football protest group FC Feyenoord. Additionally, police cars were set on fire, and streets were filled with rubbish and firework. Overall it’s a depressing and childish action that could have significant consequences, not only for the cities but also for the reputation of the Netherlands.

After 2 people were shot on Friday 19th of November in Rotterdam, the minister of Justice, Ferd Grapperhaus was furious. He said that “This has nothing to do with demonstrating”.  indicating that saw this as an attack on the police force. These events are all due to the introducee of the 2G rule. This rule states that only people with a double vaccinations certificate will be allowed to enter events such as festivals and cinemas. However, in the Netherlands, with people over 18, 88.3% have had their first vaccination and 84.7% have been fully vaccinated. This leaves just over 15% of the population that hasn’t been vaccinated which is equivalent to around 2.6 million people not wanting/getting vaccinated. Protestors disagree with this 2G rule as it means that they won’t be able to do many activities such as watching football and eating in restaurants. Despite the government allowing the right to freedom of speech, citizens need to have limits and remain respectful citizens As a result this is seen as unacceptable to many politicians and causes great anger in government.

The Rotterdam Mayor, Ahmed Aboutaleb is furious about the events. He described that the ” Police felt compelled to fire” and that they did not feel safe doing their jobs. Furthermore, he believes that this attack has hit all of us, so not just the citizens of Rotterdam but also nationally and possibly even globally. Further, he has significant respect for how the police performed and how even if they are ignored are still always willing to help injured people whilst risking their own lives in the process.

How will this end? The Minister of Justice has said that justice will be applied to those responsible to show them that this is not the way how we as citizens should express our own opinions. Here is the full video explaining Ahmed Aboutaleb’s views on the protests.